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Satin Audio Athena 4x/6x/8x Gold Silver Alloy Palladium Plated Headphone Upgrade Cable

Satin Audio Athena 4x/6x/8x Gold Silver Alloy Palladium Plated Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Athena II is based onSP-OCC technology(Superior Pure OCC)According to different batches of production, the purity can be as high as高達 6N99,99998%)even 7N99,999998%)The purest silver This is the highest purity silver wire currently available on the market.此外,Athena II also adopted by Type 4 Litz The special structure of satin surface developed, therefore, in addition to having the same有與 Type 4 Litz In addition to similar characteristics, the structure has some improvements進:

Hybrid Central Bundle:These bundles are made of ultra-fine strands instead of only the central央 Kevlar The damping core is now this個 Kevlar The core is surrounded by strands this construction helps increase durability against、抗

sex and signaling。

Multi-size wire core: Satin AudioDifferent sizes of wire cores are used. Each wire core is coated with a layer of insulation to prevent oxidation and maximize signal transmission.輸信號。

also,Athena IIalso employs advancedSA Insulation II The sheath increases flexibility and transparency for a more shiny and eye-catching look to the cable. The sheath is engineered to ensure softness and a high level of comfort throughout use rather than hardening upon contact with sweat like other cables on the market汗水後變硬。


Best Conductive Terminals:

As a high-end product line focused on optimizing signal transmission each個 Perseus Both use the highest quality plugs and pins are well made we use our own developed的 Satin 2-Pin TeCu/PEEK and MMCX TeCu/Teflon Has a very high transmission index,IACS Gundam 93%,while the common use of other brands IACS 27% brass pin。

As for the plug,Satin Also carefully selected the best plugs on the market including palladium plated鈀 ULTIMATE Copper99.9% made of pure copper的 2.5mm/3.5mm Satin Plugs for excellent transmission efficiency Normally copper will be softer than brass but use,但使用 ULTIMATE COPPER,Despite its very high purity it still has the same durability as brass We also use the famous名的 Pentaconn branded 4.4mm plug it by由 OFC made of copper這 3 types of 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm The plugs are all made in Japan and have an excellent transmission index compared to ordinary brass plugs from other brands only只有 IACS 27%compared to,IACScan be as high as 100%-101%

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