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QDC Tiger (Hong Kong Special Edition)

QDC Tiger (Hong Kong Special Edition)

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- Adopt flagship V14 crossover technology
- Equipped with 6 moving irons + 2 static electricity on one side, the high frequency can be extended to more than 70KHz, the intermediate frequency is delicate and smooth, the low frequency is full of volume, and the sound field is rich in details
- The shell is made of dark gun-colored titanium alloy (Ti), and the ergonomic cavity design of the earphone is customized
- The panel adopts the blue dragon king hollow carving process, and the rose gold inner layer reflects the three-dimensional tiger pattern, echoing the inside and outside to show the king's style


Input Sensitivity:105dB SPL/mW  

Frequency Response Range:10 hertz - 50000 Hz  

Impedance:15 ohms  

Drive unit:8 micro units on one side (6 moving iron units + 2 EST electrostatic units) 

Noise reduction:26dB   

Headphone plug:DM3 in 1 interchangeable plug  

Headphone cable:VX DM1.2M   

Shell color:customized optional   

Technical features:Multitube frequency division patented technology

Classification:Customized, Standard 

Recommended use:monitors and music lovers

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