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Pico Audio

Pico Audio - Origa Tube Transistor Hybrid Headphone Amp

Pico Audio - Origa Tube Transistor Hybrid Headphone Amp

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If you choose the upgrade plan, you need to deliver the old machine (Origa) to the shop for upgrade

The specifications are as follows:
Vacuum Tube Transistor Hybrid Amp
Full Class-A and full discrete design provides high output
Ultra-low noise design makes the background very quiet
3.5 single-ended input and 2.5+3.5+4.4 single-ended output
High, medium and low magnification options
Support 6DJ8 (ECC88, E88CC, 6922, CCa) and 12AU7 (ECC82, E82CC, ECC802S) series bile ducts
Interchangeable OP-Amp design (only supports +-18v or higher)
6-8 hours operating time (depending on the power consumption of vacuum tube and OP-Amp)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Tube Solid State hybrid Headphone Amplifier
Full Class-A Tube & Discrete Circuit for high output
Super Low Noise design make the dark background
3.5 Single-end in and 2.5+3.5+4.4 Single-end Out
High Mid Low Gain output selection
Support 6DJ8 (ECC88,E88CC,6922,CCa) & 12AU7 (ECC82, E82CC, ECC802S) series tube
Changeable OP-Amp Design (Only support +-18v or above)
6-8 operating hours (depends on tube & OP-Amp usage)
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