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OPENAUDIO STUDIO MERCURY One Circle Four Iron Professional Headphones

OPENAUDIO STUDIO MERCURY One Circle Four Iron Professional Headphones

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OPENAUDIO is committed to designing artistic earphone design elements. Each earphone panel has undergone complex and colorful drawing processes. The original new quicksand appearance style makes the particle flow of the panel more natural, so as to meet the new expectations of consumers. Era youthful aesthetic details and fashion trends.

NEW DEVELOPMENT Newly developed mixing unit
Innovation from the inside to the outside, the newly developed 5-unit coil-iron hybrid unit structure, the low-frequency ultra-soft PU long-stroke overhang custom-made dynamic unit, the low-frequency response speed is fast and natural. Combined with the fast response characteristics of the moving iron, it ensures that the error of the full frequency response is lower.

By changing the suspension edge material of the moving coil unit, combined with the flexible
The low-frequency filtering characteristics of the low-frequency tube, the low-frequency extension is more excellent. Coupled with the crossover circuit we designed for this combination, no matter the recording console or HIF1 player, you can get the effect of monitoring and listening, presenting a real and charming sound for professional audio workers and enthusiasts.

The matching cable is good, the cable is good, and the sound is good
The brand-new wire design optimizes the sound, and each link ensures the fit between sound and style.
The quality of the original wire material has reached our target quality effect.

For this reason, it took a lot of time to make long-term adjustments to the wiring of the MEQCUDV earphones, and added OA to the design reconstruction of the sound combination of the cables. (combined from 8 small strands into 4 cores)

cavity model
Combined with the big data of the pinna and ear canal, the redesigned and adjusted cavity model, the leaky design can reduce the air pressure in the ear canal, bringing a more comfortable wearing experience and better sound insulation to the listener.

Product name:MERCURY
Frequency response range:5Hz-40,000Hz
Impedance:8 Ohm (@1kHz)
Distortion:<0.1% (@1kHz)
Sensitivity:110db SPL (@1mw)
Frequency division:3-channel 3-way frequency division flexible low-frequency conduit
Unit:9.2MM pu soft suspension moving coil + 4 moving iron units

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