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Nostalgia Audio Benbulbin Polish Hybrid Unit Headphones

Nostalgia Audio Benbulbin Polish Hybrid Unit Headphones

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Benbulbin's Polish-made IEM uses 11mm titanium composite diaphragm moving coil unit with two mid-frequency units and two high-frequency units. The three-way crossover design makes the middle and low frequencies properly connected. The overall sound is neutral and the natural sound field is wide and full of details. quantity的細節量。
The earphone shell uses a new generation of DLP 3D printing technology. Printing consumables use EU-certified skin-friendly materials. The panels use purple stable wood. Each panel has a different color and appearance, making each pair of earphones unique.獨一無二。
Standard with the same factory named Prelude Japanese hand-made upgraded wire specification is 4 twists 26 AWG high-purity Litz silver-plated copper wire The outer layer is shielded with super soft PVC to achieve high tensile strength and excellent flexibility. Equipped with 2.5mm balanced plating Rhodium plugs and soldered with Audio Note 6% silver for optimal audio delivery音訊傳送。
Comes with a pair of Korean AZLA XELASTEC high-adhesion ear gels in large, medium and small sizes, a pair of DEKONI MERCURY washable ear cotton, a pair of original leather earphone box cleaning sticks and a set of large, medium and small size ear gels膠一套。

1x 11mm Tuned Titanium Coating Dynamic Driver

2x Mid-Range Frequency Balanced Amateur

2x High-Range Frequency Balanced Amateur

3 Way Crossover / 3 Bore Design

3D Print Shells

Each panel is made with purple wood with distinct pattern, so each pair of IEMs looks unique

Made In Poland

Impedance: 11ohm @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 10-19kHz

Isolation: -26dB

Prelude upgrade cable (Handcrafted in Japan) - 4 Braid 26 AWG High Purity Litz Silver Plated Copper

In the box: Leather Carrying Case / Cleaning Tool / AZLA XELASTEC Earpieces / DEKONI MERCURY Earpieces / Silicon Earpieces (S/M/L)

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