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InTime Go | In-ear headphones

InTime Go | In-ear headphones

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Personal audio and headphone technology have developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to continuous research and development and use of never-before-seen materials and units, high-resolution has become the definition of high-quality acoustic performance in recent years, attracting many audiophile users. Despite the rapid development of technology, Headphone devices with high specifications and high-resolution sound quality are still expensive, thus deterring the public who want to enjoy high-quality sound performance and turning high-quality music enjoyment into a symbol of luxury.享受變為奢侈的象徵。

In view of this, Mr. Watanabe Yoshiyuki resolutely established InTime in 2016 in order to combine his decades of experience in Japanese piezoelectric ceramic device development companies to develop high-quality and cost-effective headphone options for the market. Allowing the general public to enjoy high-resolution music experience at an affordable price音樂體驗。

After founding InTime, Mr. Watanabe successfully developed and launched the brand's first classic model SORA in the same year. It uses a dynamic unit and a piezoelectric ceramic tweeter as headphone configurations, and adds the self-developed unit tuning technology VST (Vertical Support Tweeter) to correct the ceramic unit commonly used in tweeters. The harshness makes the sound natural and analytical. As the brand's first key product, SORA has been at the top of the best-selling product list of E-earphone, a large Japanese headphone seller, for six consecutive weeks. It has achieved unexpected success not only because of its affordable price. InTime's tuning technology and quality are highly popular in the market and have received great attention and recognition from the outside world.更因而獲外界高度關注和肯定。

After continuous improvement and research, InTime has taken a step further in craftsmanship and technology and successively launched models such as Go Huang Kira Xiang DD and Bi Ti3 Edition II to continue to bring extremely cost-effective and high-quality products to the market so that more people can enjoy them. High-resolution sound quality music experience質的音樂體驗。

Like the Kira, the Go is also configured with a dynamic unit and a dual piezoelectric ceramic tweeter with its own VST2 technology, and also uses an MMCX replaceable cable design. Although the hardware configuration is roughly the same, the Go has a completely different tone in terms of tuning. The orientation focuses on the powerful low frequency with full sense of volume, especially under heavy beats and drum sounds, with a stronger sense of impact. The tone is full of overwhelming momentum and dynamics.強橫氣勢和動態。

Although Go mainly focuses on deep and percussive low frequencies, it never compromises on the tone and tuning. The sound performance is also clear and refreshing without the fuzzy feeling caused by excessive low frequencies. The stainless steel casing duct and the unit tuning are fully InTime. The sound reflection speed of stainless steel is used to greatly improve the transmission and clarity of low frequencies while maintaining dense and clear vocal performance and instrument contours.及樂器輪廓。

feature of product
Self-developed VST ceramic unit technology
Due to the hardness and material properties of ceramics, units made of ceramics often affect the sensitivity of earphones and require higher output power to fully drive and exert the units. However, if you are not careful, it is easy to cause harshness when the high-frequency unit resonates or affect comfortable listening. Feel the opposite effect. InTime's self-developed VST technology uses multi-layer ceramic elements. Compared with the traditional single-layer ceramic tweeter, the sensitivity is increased by more than 20dB, making the unit easier to drive. The output requirements of the user's audio source front-end are also greatly reduced. In addition, VST adjustment is The sound technology also improves the sharpness of the sound. Through the vertical support components on the periphery of the single diaphragm, the stability of the unit during operation is improved. Even if the sound reaches the highest frequency range, it can maintain a gentle, comfortable and not harsh listening experience.溫和舒適而不刺耳的輕逸聽感。

MMCX replaceable cable design
Equipped with MMCX replaceable cable design, users can change their favorite cables to match the tone that best suits them.音色。

Hi-Res high-definition audio standard certification
Although priced at an entry-level level, all InTime models are certified by the Japanese Hi-Res Audio high-resolution audio standard, allowing every user to enjoy high-quality music at a relatively affordable price.品質音樂。

Made in Japan

Moving coil + dual piezoelectric ceramic VST2 patented technology術)
Frequency response
20 Hz 40 kHzz
22 Ohms
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