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ifi Zen DAC v2 decoding ear expansion

ifi Zen DAC v2 decoding ear expansion

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Relax at home or in the office。

Our super affordable compact DAC/headphone amplifier just got better。

Sophisticated fashion adds glamour!!

This ZEN DAC V2 is the same as the previous award winning Hi-Res USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier but with added charm We upgraded its digital engine from an 8-core XMOS chip to a 16-core chip芯片。

It's super capable while still being super affordable It's small enough to be used as a USB DAC/amplifier on a work desk and stylish enough to be used at home with your favorite active speakers or amplifiers It offers The specs and performance levels exceed its super affordable price tag惠的價格標籤。

ZEN DAC V2 supports PCM and DXD to 32-bit/384kHz DSD256 and MQA DSD is still bit-perfect due to the True Native Burr-Brown chip designfect”。

16-core XMOS core technology

ZEN DAC V2 is now an MQA full decoding Decoder instead of just a rendering Renderererer)。

This enables you to play the MQA audio file Provides the sound of the original master recording The LED lights green or blue to indicate that the ZEN DAC V2 is decoding and playing back the MQA file and indicates provenance to ensure the sound is the same as the source material It lights blue to indicate it Playing MQA Studio Archives Archives have been approved by the artist/producer in the studio or verified by the copyright owner由版權所有者驗證。

MQA rendering technology is used in ZEN DAC and other iFi products to connect to MQA core signals such as TIDAD and complete the final expansion of the MQA file. Usually the computer has already performed the decoding.已經執行了解碼。

smooth and balanced

A new and improved low jitter crystal clock which means >20dB better performance能。

Ultra-low noise performance means the ZEN DAC V2 remains quiet even in noisy environments like yachts or RVs. The balanced design of the analog stage is rare at this price point, making it quite special and offering the best sound quality usually available in more Found in higher priced models中可以找到。

The ZEN DAC V2 has balanced 4.4mm outputs on the front and rear, as well as the popular 6.3mm headphone jack on the front插座。

Flexible use。

Effortlessly switch between variable and fixed settings to 'variable' Use the ZEN DAC V2 as a preamp to power a power amplifier or active speakers主動式喇叭供電。

Set to fixed to bypass the volume control to connect to an external preamp or integrated amplifier合擴大機。

Thrust unit performance collocation - adjustable gain增益。

Our headphone amplifiers have PowerMatch switchable gain to perfectly match your headphones耳機。

Keep PowerMatch at a low setting for quiet, silent listening for typically high-sensitivity in-canal headphones聆聽。

Wearable/over-ear headphones with relatively low impedance require more power Press PowerMatch to increase the drive level平。

ace bass

ZEN DAC V2 has TrueBass。

This proprietary technology is a switchable bass boost that operates in a purely analog realm. iFi devices have no DSP. TrueBass boosts the bass but doesn't muddy the mids. Ideal for use with in-canal or open-back headphones, these are often lacking. part bass通常缺乏部分低音。

ZEN DAC V2 is the ultimate relaxation machine Input tones just zen up)了起來。

XMOS 16-core chip processes audio data received via USB* digital input The processing power of the new low-latency XMOS microcontroller is greatly enhanced強。

Compared to current octa-core chips, this new 16-core IC offers twice the clock speed of 2000MIPS and four times the memory of 512KB and the latest SuperSpeed USB standard速USB標準。

iFi's in-house digital development team has updated XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality to ensure perfect cooperation with Burr-Brown DACs (*S/PDIF is also available on NEO iDSD/Diablo)IF)

Burr-Brown True Native chipset means the file format remains the same or bit-perfect’ which means you are listening to the music in the recorded format as the artist intended聆聽音樂。

At iFi we use Burr Brown extensively in our products because of its natural musicality and true native architecture Our experience with this IC means we know how to get the most out of it充分利用它。

Hi-Res True Native plays all music formats from MP3 to DSD256PCM384 and DXD384格式。

Due to the processing power of the new 16-core XMOS chip, it supports MQA Master Quality Authenticated through USB to fully decode MQA files. Decoder can reach up to 384kHz.達384kHz。

This means that the full triple unwrapping decoding process is done in-house rather than just the final unwrapping like in the MQA Renderer. Globally, MQA has become an important consideration for any fully equipped DAC. It is available through Tidal MastersAudirvana and Roon usesvana和Roon使用。

Extensive jitter removal technologies are used in the digital stage including our GMT global master time femtosecond accurate clock and smart memory buffers緩衝器。

The low jitter crystal clock has been updated to provide >20dB better performance能。

It is a superior method than the traditional single-ended circuit method. Balanced circuits reduce noise and crosstalk.擾。

Less distractions Clearer sound You would normally find this setup in pricier products like the Pro iCAN but iFi now uses this method across its entire range to produce the best sound quality for all of our customers音聲音品質。

TrueBass delivers true bass with true depth and clarity低音。

Bass lines from timpani to bass to electronic synthesis are delivered with power and balance出來。

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