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iBasso DX320 Edition X is the world's first limited edition with the 16th Anniversary of Liquid Metal

iBasso DX320 Edition X is the world's first limited edition with the 16th Anniversary of Liquid Metal

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[The world's first use of ~ liquid metal, a glimpse of light ~ iBasso DX320 Edition X]

A limited edition of 500 iBasso's 16th anniversary limited edition

A grand commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Android player

In 2012, we launched the world's first Android SRC player DX100. DX100 successfully broke through the Android SRC problem and realized the playback of 24bit/192kHZ audio sources for the first time.

The ultimate pursuit of sound and the exploration of the endless frontiers of technology and craftsmanship have always been the original aspiration and pursuit of iBasso.

In 2020, we have set up a project (patent code CN305996613S, application date April 28, 2020) to make a brand new and unique liquid metal player - in the HiFi world where stainless steel and aluminum alloy abound inside. A liquid metal player with a graceful and moving body curve like a fluid, the light and shadow create an artistic feeling that transcends vision and space, and you can feel the music melody slowly flowing in the palm of your hand.

However, the processing difficulty of the liquid metal shell material is far beyond our imagination. Although we have invested a lot of money and energy in the shell, but after more than 2 years, after three production runs, and our best efforts, the production capacity has never been able to increase. In the end, we only got about 10% of the finished product, and the quantity was only 500 sets. Limited by cost pressure and extremely low yield, it will not be produced again in the future.

This year, the Android player has been born for 10 years! From the first cry of the Android player, to now it has been loved by hundreds of millions of fans around the world. How proud iBasso is to be the promoter of Android players!

Today, September 5th, is also a good day for the 16th anniversary of iBasso. We apply these 500 sets of finished products to the DX320, and the DX320 Edition X will become the world's first HiFi music player with a liquid metal casing.

In this way, we solemnly commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Android player!

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