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Fiio M17 is the new generation flagship music player

Fiio M17 is the new generation flagship music player

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In recent years, Fiio has launched a number of DAP digital music players with functions and sounds, and the resale price is also easier to afford. It attracts many enthusiasts to buy. Among them, the M11 Pro and M15 models are out of stock more often. The brand has released a new flagship model M17, although there are not too many official The known specifications include the use of two ESS Sabre ESS9038Pro decoding chips and the newly added THX AAA-788 Pro AMP amplification mode, which can output up to 1200mW + 1200mW power sound for powerful performance and complete restoration of high-definition music listening.整還原高清音樂聽感。

  • DAP digital music player
  • ESS 9038Pro dual decoding
  • Fiio DAP

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