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FiiO K9 Pro ESS Flagship Desktop Decoder Amp

FiiO K9 Pro ESS Flagship Desktop Decoder Amp

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Flagship Desktop Decoder Amp FiiO K9 Pro ESS Hong Kong Version
High-performance DAC ES9038PRO*2 THX AAA 788+ technology Dual-mode dual femtosecond clock QCC5124 Bluetooth chip Support LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX HD Bluetooth encoding True balanced circuit architecture Dual voltage linear transformer Wide interface compatibility APP smart interconnectionPP智慧互聯

Eight recommended reasons
1. High-performance DAC ES9038PRO*2
2. THX AAA 788+ amp technology
3. Linear transformer power supply
4. Digital analog isolated power supply
5. Dual-mode clock management technology
6. Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC5124
7. Metal PVD Process Gold Knob
8. Exclusive base saves space間

FiiO K9 Pro ESS is a professional HiFi desktop decoding headphone amplifier equipped with two high-performance DACs ES9038PRO left and right channels with one each with rich resolution and reproducibility Equipped with desktop amplifier-specific THX AAA 788+ headphone amp technology in It has excellent details and dynamics when driving low-impedance and high-impedance headphones. The power can reach an astonishing 1100mW without distortion under a load of 300 ohms. It has a Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC5124 to support high-definition Bluetooth formats such as LDAC / aptX Hd / aptX Adaptive. Powerful MQA rendering also Needless to say, it can provide mastering-level sound reproduction and show complete and rich recording details. As a desktop K9 Pro, it not only has outstanding appearance and elegant design, but also integrates modern trend elements. The bluetooth encoding format shows different colors, please light up及藍牙編碼格式顯示不同顏色,心動,請亮燈。

Adopt ESS decoding chip specially designed for desktop equipment Dual ES9038PRO Each chip contains 8 independent D/A converters each uses one ES9038PRO for each channel, each channel has eight parallel outputs with superior resolution and degree of reduction. High-current and low-noise LDO power supply ensures good dynamic and distortion power supply. Rich audio interfaces and a wide range of audio broadcasting protocols will give K9 Pro ESS a powerful audio ecosystem experience.S強大的音訊生態體驗。

In order to distinguish the appearance, the knobs are changed to PVD process gold knobs旋鈕。

In order to maximize the use of desktop space, the K9Pro ESS comes standard with an exclusive base, which allows the body to be placed vertically, which is more convenient for device connection and desktop organization.加方便!

Product Features

The moving core is more than a little high-performance DAC ES9038PRO8PRO
Adopt ESS flagship decoding chip dual ES9038PRO designed for desktop equipment, each chip contains 8 independent D/A converters, each of the left and right channels uses one ES9038PRO, each channel has eight parallel outputs with superior resolution and reducibility原度。

The original sound is pure and pure ~ Pure professional amp sound ~ THX AAA 788+ amp technology
The THX AAA 788+, which is a dedicated level for desktop amplifiers, has excellent detail and dynamic 300Ω load when driving low-impedance and high-impedance headphones. Undistorted power can reach 1.1W*32Ω load. Undistorted power can reach 2.1W* than the original The output power of the version has been increased by more than 50%, and the heat dissipation efficiency is higher熱效率更高。
*The above are all tested by FiiO Lab under balanced output state

Nearly demanding precision layout ~ fully differential circuit true balanced drive動
During the operation of the whole machine, four-channel DAC decoding, four-channel volume adjustment, four-channel amp driving, all of which are fully differential signal processing.力輸送出彩音質。

The partition is clear and the transmission is smooth暢
The whole PCB adopts a partition layout, which not only places the power supply and signal partitions, but also the analog signal loop is also independent layout, which can effectively ensure the integrity of signal processing.完整性。

Six-level audio processing details without fear of magnification大
In order to achieve near-real audio reproduction, it is equipped with up to 6-level audio processing details. I/V conversion, LPF filtering, electronic volume adjustment, voltage injection, pre-amplification, and post-driver級放大,後級驅動

Electricity is the Mother of Sound ~ Linear Transformer Power Supply
The linear transformer is a low-frequency transformer with four 4700uF high-capacity audio-specific capacitors to provide a clean and abundant power supply for the analog part電。

Digital to analog isolated power supply
Upgrade the isolated power supply with greater power, the digital power supply adopts an isolation transformer and analog part of the physical division, which can cover the interference to the audio Low noise linear power supply + isolated digital power supply dual power supply, the sound quality is purer質更純粹。
*Due to the objective supply chain instability, some materials may be replaced due to out-of-stock. The pictures are for reference only參考

Independent power supply for multiple LDOs
In the power supply design, in addition to the linear transformer and isolator, the multi-stage voltage regulation and filtering of the audio circuit is also strengthened. According to the analog signal processing process, the power supply adopts a hierarchical power supply. Each stage adopts an ultra-low noise LDO for voltage regulation.行穩壓。

Dual-mode dual femtoseconds ~ clock management excellence
The new generation XMOS decoding module adopts dual-mode clock management technology. It adopts asynchronous dual femtosecond clock optical fiber and coaxial decoding when USB decoding and Bluetooth decoding work, and adopts automatic calibration PLL clock. More accurate management system can control any music scene with ease.遊刃有餘。

Lossless restoration of MQA rendering原
Tracks that support MQA can not only manage large-capacity high-resolution files but also provide mastering-level sound reproduction to show a full and rich studio sound.室音效。
*With software that supports MQA, up to 8x MQA track expansion can be achieved開

High-definition bluetooth is fast and not broken破
Adopt Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC5124 to support high-definition Bluetooth formats such as LDACaptX AdaptiveaptX HD. The Bluetooth connection is stable and fast, which can not only meet the low-latency requirements of games/videos, but also switch high-quality music freely. *Bluetooth protocol supports AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/aptX AdaptiveAdaptive

The volume is well adjusted ~ a smooth experience is indispensable
It seems simple, but it is really stressful. In order to ensure the precise adjustment of the volume, the ADC curve reconstruction is used to effectively solve the problem of left and right sound and noise. The volume knob adjusts the number of stages.操作添一份便利。

Dress up the golden knob ~ hold the flagship style firmly
Upgraded metal PVD process The golden knob and black body complement each other, highlighting the new momentum of professional amps Exquisite craftsmanship of anodizing and fine sandblasting操作順滑流暢。

Please light up燈
The RGB indicator hidden around the knob can light up in different colors according to the different sampling rates of the audio source色。

Good headphones ~ when paired with good sound quality
In order to preserve the individuality of each earphone, a three-gear gain selector switch is used to expand the adaptation range of the earphone, taking into account the delicate and dynamic listening needs. Fidelity is unaffected, timbre unanimously praised響,音色一致好評。

Rich interface ~ dynamic sound quality can not be hidden Front XLR 44.4mm dual balanced output 6.35mm single-ended headphone output for earphones Rear 4.4mm balanced line input coaxial optical Bluetooth RCAUSB input RCA audio XLR*2 balanced output Side Type-C interface出 側面:Type-C介面

Fresh and refreshing exclusive base座
The new K9 Pro adds side cooling holes and comes standard with an exclusive base that supports vertical placement. It can not only release the heat in the desktop space, but also further reduce the heat of the body through convection evacuation.朗,簡潔高效。

Both tricks and talents兼
Connect audio desktop USB sound card + active HiFi speaker箱)
Connect Mobile Device Player Computer電腦)
Push big ear desktop USB sound card + big earphone機)

RCA+XLR balanced line output interface
(Ordinary active speaker monitor audio professional amplifier)放)
*Quickly switch fixed amplitude output or adjustable output when connected to LINE OUT出

Side Type-C port can be connected to mobile phones機

Desktop headphone amp that can be adjusted by APP Built-in Bluetooth BLE communication module No matter what working state or not in Bluetooth mode, you can use FiiO CONTROL APP to control functions such as filter selection, channel balance, sleep shutdown, etc.眠關機等功能。

General Specification

Power supply AC 110~115V50/60Hz220~230V50/60Hz two-speed switchingz)(兩檔切換)
Input decoding USB B/Type C/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetoothh
Bluetooth version BT5.11
The highest specification for USB decoding is 384k/32bit DSD256native/MQARendererderer
Bluetooth format LDAC/ aptX Adaptive /aptX/aptX HD/ aptX LL/AAC/SBCC
Audio DAC chip ES9038PRO*22
Headphone Amp Technology Dual THX AAA 788++
Maximum undistorted output power 2.1W 32Ω single ended / 2.1W 32Ω balanced(32Ω平衡)
Minimum distortion <0.00025% UAC mode 1kHzkHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio 129dB (UAC mode A weighting)計權)
Headphone output interface XLR-4/4.4mm/6.35mmm
Line output interface RCA/XLR-BALL
Line input interface 4.4mm/RCAA
USB input interfaceUSB-B/Type-CC
Product weight about 2700gg
Product size is about 200*224.5*72mmm
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