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FIIO FH5s two-ring two-iron hybrid four-unit interchangeable cable headset

FIIO FH5s two-ring two-iron hybrid four-unit interchangeable cable headset

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01. Excellent strength
The FH5s adopts the newly developed double moving coil + double moving iron acoustic structure. The double moving coil makes the connection between the middle and low frequencies smoother. The natural frequency domain covers a wider sound field and a wider sound field.色的表現!
02. Both shape and color
The design of FH5s extracts the elements of dragon scales and combines the open air guide net with the layered shape of dragon scales. The overall shape is bright and powerful. The black gold is elegant and warm, and the silver and gold are both dazzling and charming.超群,耀眼迷人。

03. Nice pattern
In order to meet more individual needs, the FH5s has a three-dimensional tuning switch of high, medium and low, which can be configured with eight sound styles. Standard 2.5/3.5/4.4 MMCX interchangeable plugs flexibly adapt to more audio equipment and add points to the sound experience.音體驗加分。
1. The classic return to the audience, please take your place. With the blessing of excellent family design and beautiful sound, the FiiO ring iron series headphones have always been synonymous with word-of-mouth and best-selling earphones. The upgraded model is bluer than blue. FH5s will bring a comprehensive innovation and improvement of appearance and sound quality.的全面革新與提升!

2. The new 2+2 architecture has better sound quality圈
The new double moving coil + double moving iron structure can bring new changes to the sound quality化
Elaborately developed a new double moving coil + double moving iron acoustic structure to break through the limitations of the original mid-frequency moving iron unit sound field and the moisturizing of the human voice. The atmosphere and the sense of enveloping have a very good performance.色的表現! 
• 12mm beryllium plated dome + PU suspension edge composite diaphragm low frequency moving coil unit The third generation 12mm Tesla low frequency moving coil unit Rigid and flexible polyurethane polymer suspension + beryllium plated dome material diaphragm composite application N52 high magnetic flux The magnetic flux of the external magnetic structure is as high as 1.5 Tesla, providing surging low-frequency power bass diving deeper and more elastic深,彈性更足。

• 6mm full-coated beryllium diaphragm mid-frequency moving coil unit The mid-low frequency unit is also beryllium-coated diaphragm, and the connection is smooth and carefully adjusted to make the vocal fundamental frequency more pure and thicker, more catchy and audible抓耳耐聽!

• The classic Knowles TWFK-30017 composite high-frequency moving iron is paired with Knowles' classic model TWFK-30017. This is an excellent moving iron unit that has passed the test of time and is recognized by users. At the same time, the high-frequency moving iron is placed in the sound mouth part for lower loss and extension Better to bring delicate high frequency resolution to FH5s的高頻解析。

3. Professional tuning is experience and strength
Solid materials and excellent quality indicators are the foundation of a good sound. FiiO headphones have been sold to more than 70 countries around the world. We have accumulated a large amount of user opinion analysis data and continuously improved the FH5s through repeated calculations. One of the representatives of FiiO's tuning evolution一聽著迷,細聽不膩!

4. The frequency division is accurate
The standard four-way design accurately calculates the connection of the playback frequencies of each unit. Reasonably distributes the low, medium, high, and ultra-high frequency bands.頻解析優越不刺耳。

5. Eight kinds of tuning can't be low-key關
In addition to the default tuning style that conforms to most audiophiles, we also provide three-dimensional tuning switches for high, middle and low to meet some differentiated individual needs. Whether it is different tastes, different regions or different genres, you can find a more suitable one for you. best presentation 更佳呈現!
BASS ON: low frequency increase Mids ON: mid frequency reduction Treble ON: high frequency enhancement

6. Relieve stress to protect hearing力
Using semi-open acoustic rear cavity design, the air flow velocity in the front and rear cavities is simulated by the computer to achieve a more suitable balance state, making the sound field more grand, more natural and less oppressive, comfortable and durable,舒適耐聽。

7. TRISHELL Acoustic Structure A comprehensive advancement of supercar genes
The TRISHELL sandwich cavity structure is used. The aluminum-magnesium alloy rear shell, middle frame and front cover are processed by five-axis CNC. The three-point fixation reduces unnecessary resonance and greatly reduces distortion. It is as solid and stable as a supercar chassis.盤一樣扎實穩固。

8. At first sight, the momentum comes with the sound來
In the design, the dragon scale element is extracted, and the open air-conducting mesh cloth is combined with the layered shape of the dragon scale. The overall shape is bright and powerful, and the atmosphere is black and gold. The elegant and warm silver and gold are both dazzling and charming in texture.群,耀眼 迷人。

9. Get started握
The body is made of CNC aluminum-magnesium alloy metal ingenuity, and the metal material is hard enough to reduce the harmonic resonance of the cavity and generate a solid body to lock the music for you音樂。

10. It feels more comfortable to wear in the ear帖
The third-generation ergonomic curve optimization design makes the headset fit the human ear as much as possible, making it more comfortable to wear服帖。

11. All kinds of fun come easily來
The configuration of Tingge Daren is all set at one time to help you find your favorite fun and good time to accompany you陪伴。
*The patent of the interchangeable audio plug is authorized by FABRILOUS

12. Three plugs are in the limelight. In-line interchangeable audio plug design 316L stainless steel twist lock structure is beautiful and stable. Standard 2.5/3.5/4.4 three plugs and one line meet the needs of different devices for listening to songs.的聽歌需求。

13. Expansion MMCX interface Adopt stable expansion MMCX exchangeable cable design, more intimate left blue right red channel identification。 

14. Litz Type2 stranded wire with four strands of 120-core high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire to truly restore the sound to add to the sound experience分。 

15. Hi-Res Small Gold Label Certification
Has been certified by Hi-Res to restore richer music details for you, presenting a more three-dimensional sound quality音質。

16. Accessories plus code
As always, the rich accessories provide you with an intimate and in-place experience驗。
Headphone main body/ Headphone cable/ Replaceable plug/ HB5 storage bag/ 1 pair of double-section sleeves/ 3 pairs of vocal sleeves/ 3 pairs of low frequency sleeves/ 3 pairs of equalization sleeves/ 3 pairs of sponge sleeves/ MMCX quick release tool/ small cleaning brush/ manual

Unit configuration: 12mm beryllium plated/PU composite + 6mm beryllium plated + Knowles TWFK-30017 composite moving iron
Frequency response: 10Hz~40kHz
Impedance: 40Ω@1kHz
Sensitivity: 106dB@1kHz/mW
Maximum power: 100mW
Change line interface: MMCX
Wire: high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire
Weight: about 8.8g single weight) 
Accessories list: Leather storage bag HB5 earmuffs 13 pairs of cleaning brushes MMCX quick release tool拆工具
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