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FAudio Dark Sky new generation flagship dynamic headphones

FAudio Dark Sky new generation flagship dynamic headphones

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FAudio Dark SkyThe new generation of flagship dynamic headphones

unit structure:

As FAudio's top-notch work, we have worked hard on the internal and external structures and units of Dark Sky. Dark Sky uses a newly designed 10.2mm double-layer diaphragm moving coil unit by FAudio and finally uses a diamond-like unit after repeated tests and comparisons. Diamond Like CarbonDLC material and fiber material are two materials as the unit diaphragm. Diamond Like DLC is an amorphous carbon material. Many of its material properties are similar to diamonds, such as high hardness, wear resistance and low friction coefficient, so it is named diamond-like. The material can be extremely hard, thin, and lightweight at the same time under mature technology, and its mechanical properties have the advantage of more fidelity reduction compared to other carbon materials. It is very suitable for use as a diaphragm coating, which can effectively strengthen the audio reduction capability of the unit because both materials are It has a more obvious difference in its vibration characteristics and swing compared to the previous generation unit, so the front and rear chambers used in the internal frame of this unit both use a metal structure to provide a solid and stable output environment for the diaphragm. This is in Dark Sky. It is especially important under the double-layer diaphragm design. In addition, the internal magnetic circuit system has also been upgraded to meet the higher requirements of the DLC diaphragm. This is also the reason that the Dark Sky can achieve higher mids and highs than most headphones using DLC diaphragms. The reason for its texture and extension is extremely stable. On top of this, we have also added a reliable fiber diaphragm that has long been established in the Major to enhance the texture of the mid-bass. After the Dark Sky magnetic circuit has been strengthened and a more refined and thinner diaphragm, the diaphragm has been improved. You can enjoy the highest quality and listening experience路強化後和更精緻纖薄的震膜改進下,你能聆聽到質素與聽感達至巔峰的享受。

 patented technology:

Triple Built-in Acoustic ChamberT.B.A.C, this patented technology has many advantages and is one of our proudest patented technologies. It eliminates the instability of the traditional dynamic frequency response and the excess airflow generated during sound production. The tuning method brings more possibilities. Airflow is the most important factor affecting the sound quality of the moving coil unit, so we have dealt with this problem in the very early research and development of the Major. Finally, we designed the T.B.A.C acoustic solution with different chambers through continuous attempts. Volume space to adjust the airflow to solve various problems of the traditional moving coil unit. We also customized a special T.B.A.C acoustic chamber structure for this new unit on Dark Sky to adjust the volume and shape of the acoustic chamber more suitable for the new unit. Unleash the full potential of DLC diaphragms形狀,悉數發揮DLC震膜的最大潛力。

Cavity 1. Provide a steady stream of air for the unit to enhance the transmission efficiency of the mid-high range and make the newly designed fiber diaphragm more distinct分明。

Cavity 2. Strengthen the rigidity of the unit as a whole to reduce the unnatural jitter when the unit is working, thus greatly reducing the distortion降低。

Cavity 3. Release the air pressure in the ear canal while stabilizing the airflow to bring a clearer sound texture, and the wearing comfort is greatly improved大提高。

The acoustic room structure of FAudio Dark Sky strengthens the transmission of the mid-high frequency range more than the Major. We also adhere to the fine tradition of the brand's dynamic series. Purely use the acoustics and unit structure as the tuning method to ensure the most direct signal transmission.遞最直接。


The breakthrough is not limited to the unit design. The original wire used in Dark Sky also adopts a new production process. The wire mainly uses high-purity silver and silver alloy cores and adds immersion gold-silver alloy conductor cores made by new technology. The outer layer is made of Ultra Soft PVC, a material with higher density, which adds an extra layer of protection to the conductor to prevent oxidation, making the wire more durable while keeping the wire body soft and easy to store. In the design of the conductor, we took the lead in applying the immersion gold process The outer layer material of silver alloy is different from the gold-plated wire produced by traditional electroplating process. The crystal structure of the former is finer in comparison. The immersion gold layer is generally thicker than the gold-plated layer, and the outer signal transmission space is wider, and its internal resistance is lower than that of the gold-plated wire. It can reflect better speed and extensibility in the sense of hearing. It has the beautiful bottom rhyme of traditional gold-plated wire. This is also the biggest improvement in the sound of the immersion gold process. Dark Sky's original wire is designed with 4 cores, and the transparent blue outer sheath is the same as the earphone. The structure of the core is vaguely presented in front of you. The core group is formed by multiple twisting in a specific ratio. The tone of the three groups of materials is perfectly blended through the preset ratio. This production method can more effectively increase the surface area of the conductor and enhance its transmission space. In addition to making the signal The transmission speed of the inner and outer layers of the core is more consistent, and in order to pursue a more perfect sound quality, the internal unit of the machine also uses the same wire connection to make the sound performance of the headphones more consistent. This wire is standard with a 2.5mm connector. The 3.5mm and 4.4mm adapter plugs are matched with different configurations on the user's body to create a more convenient and flexible experience regardless of appearance, sound and matching.頭各一,配合用家身上不同的配置,打造出不論外觀、聲音、還是配搭上都更加方便彈性的體驗。

 Shell and Appearance:

The design theme of Dark Sky comes from our endless pursuit of sound quality. In the process of developing this pair of headphones, we tweaked its sound day and night and produced no less than 50 pairs of trial works, but still hope to get the perfect sound performance. A more complete sound In the early morning, we finally found the exciting timbre response that we had been expecting in our hearts, so we decided to use Dark Sky to commemorate this sleepless and bloody day. This time Dark Sky also uses the original CNC process T6061 The metal cavity cut from aluminum alloy is supplemented by manual grinding and polishing and anodizing treatment to give the shell a unique texture and mysterious dark blue design. The whole pair of headphones is not only light and comfortable to wear, but also the rigidity of the material can greatly reduce the resonance and distortion of the moving coil unit and provide a good audio transmission path元的諧震和失真,及提供良好的音訊傳遞途徑。


In terms of earplugs, we continue to use the highly acclaimed Projecy Y soft silicone earplugs. In the design, we pay more attention to reducing the diffraction effect of sound when the earplugs are transmitted to maintain the original sound characteristics of the earphones. The skin-friendly and softness of the material greatly improves wearing comfort. It is suitable for long-term listening experience, and according to the opinions we adopted from the Major, in order to make the earphones more durable, we specially found the factory to customize a special silicone protective cover for Dark Sky. After you use it, put the silicone cover on the Dark Sky. Putting back the earphone case will greatly reduce the chance of scratching the earphones. We also redesigned a round earphone leather case with the same color for Dark Sky, which is convenient to carry and can better protect the earphones.帶之餘也可以更好的保護耳機。

 Tone characteristics:

Compared with the previous generation of Major, Dark Sky has not only a comprehensive evolution in the mid and treble, but an overall performance improvement, making Dark Sky more worthy of the name of the gods. It has a typical FAudio tone style, natural and obvious sound field depth. The sound is dense, but Dark Sky is more than that. The newly designed unit and material combination make its sound field wider and deeper than the Major. Driven by the DLC diaphragm, it shows the treble penetration and analysis power no less than that of the moving iron. At the same time, it has a natural gloss and sound tail to extend its ability to describe sounds or instruments. Compared with the Major, it is more realistic and complete, and it can show the color changes of different instruments. The image is more vivid. Under various additions, Dark Sky has extremely clear What is rare in the image is that it does not have the feeling of pressure brought by the general high-analytical earphones. This is thanks to the help of the T.B.A.C acoustic chamber to unclog the air pressure accumulated in the ear canal, so that the sound can be transmitted more smoothly. Extremely dynamic and extremely quiet. The strong impact to the end of the sound can also be heard, and the wide bass range of the Dark Sky can be heard. Therefore, the Dark Sky can accommodate more bass transitions and changes in layers, and the performance is quite delicate. The advantages of the two materials are combined into a clear The texture of the bass and the fullness of the backing are very abundant in the transient and energy under the music replay of the big scene, and there is little feeling of sluggishness. Compared with the Major, the whole bass section has risen to another level. The inconsistency of the timbre appears due to the use of two diaphragms. Its midrange density is extremely high, it is grainy, condensed and clear. Whether it is a vocal or an instrument Dark Sky, it can restore the complete timbre and overtone, and it can also be the main voice in different songs. The sub-distinct effect is also due to the cooperation of the DLC diaphragm, which greatly improves the penetration of the mid-high range and the smooth high-pitched voice, which is more transparent and gorgeous. The sense of pressure does not deliberately create too strong clarity, so that the instrument has more space to show the change of sustain. This part brings a strong dynamic contrast with the bass range ensemble.過強的清晰度,也因此令樂器的有更多空間展現延音的轉變,這個部份與低音音域合奏帶來了比較強烈的動態對比。


Tradition and old times are often worth our attention, but due to the passage of time, some cannot change at all or do not want to change, and they are basically unable to progress, and they can only be forgotten as time passes. Pure dynamic headphones are the place. In this torrent, when new earphones start to use electrostatic units, flat panel units, bone conduction and other unusual unit designs, we slowly develop the concept of new is good and ignore the most fundamental requirements for earphones. Natural fax is worth us. Enjoyable sound performance is also due to the combination of modern craftsmanship and tuning trends, which gives us more leeway to continue the technology of moving coils. In the eyes of others, it may only be a trivial insistence, but every time we re-research on the moving coil unit, we will continue to work tirelessly. Pushing the application of different technologies and materials to the peak and finally launching the finished product, we also have the opportunity to learn and practice. This spirit is also the most powerful place for the new generation to promote the development of the entire market society. Dark Sky is our commitment to this tradition. The embodiment of improvement and innovation looks forward to hearing from you the arrival of a new erak Sky,是我們對這一種傳統的改進與革新的體現。期待你聆聽新時代的降臨。

 Detailed specifications

Headphone Type In-ear式

Unit design 10.2mm double-layer diaphragm moving coil unit元

Frequency response 15Hz~38KHzz

Impedance 24Ω @1kHzz

Sensitivity 114dB@1KHzz

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