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FAudio Chorus Three Action Iron Headphones

FAudio Chorus Three Action Iron Headphones

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FAudio Chorus Three Action Iron Headphones

The first batch of limited gifts, special 6N single crystal copper (Litz) 4.4mm balance wire 

In addition, every purchase of FAudio Chorus can get an additional 6N monocrystalline copper (Litz0.06mm x 30 core) 4.4mm special balanced headphone cable specially made by Astral Acoustic* (valued at $1,200) The new balanced cable can further enhance the low frequency The more dynamic feel can greatly improve the practicability and convenience, and also add more different gameplay and matching for you to connect to different music players or cope with different genres to help you step into the world of balance immediately Enjoy more fun *Limited gifts (80 sets in total) while stocks last有限(共80套),送完即止。

Unleash Potential True Crossover Technology (T.C.T))

FAudio used the T.C.T technology from the same series as Project Y on Chorus to add a full-frequency moving iron unit to the crossover structure and designed a three-unit combination of a large moving iron low frequency and a high frequency moving iron.設計。

In terms of crossover, due to the addition of the full-frequency moving iron unit, normally the frequency band overlap will seriously affect the phase and audio transmission of the headphones, but FAudio skillfully integrates the frequency response stability of the full-frequency moving iron during tuning, and arranges the T.C.T unit in the treble and The woofer outputs a weak transition point and is responsible for the output of the entire intermediate frequency, eliminating the frequency band connection problem that often occurs in multi-unit headphones. The sound is consistent and natural, just like the output of a single unit.,音色一致而自然。

All three units work in a more comfortable frequency response range, which not only ensures the sound quality, but also reduces the excessive unit jitter, which helps to achieve the true multi-unit division of labor and the three-dimensional performance of the final sound.元分工合作。

Hybrid Metal Acoustic Structure

After designing and producing different earphones, FAudio realized that the structure and material of the earphone have a great influence on the final sound, and it is the key to the sound of the earphone. Therefore, in the design of modern earphones, different metal materials are used to match the sound direction and tuning of the sound unit itself. And adjust products that exceed industry standards in terms of sound appearance and durability界標準的產品。

On Chorus, FAudio used the original block 6061-T6 series aluminum alloy to cut the shell and inner chamber by CNC process to provide a good and stable foundation for the unit and reduce the impact of cavity resonance on the sound. The sound guide tube is made of stainless steel. The material has excellent acoustic properties, retaining the original sound of the moving iron unit, improving the bad resonance caused by the traditional duct design所帶來的不良共振。

Exquisite and natural, extraordinary three-unit單元

「With the cooperation of acoustic structure and tuning technology, the sound quality of Chorus is very strong. Headphones tend to be relatively neutral. There is no attractive sound coloration or special emphasis on tuning of a certain frequency band. Compared with other headphones of the same price in the market, it has a rare overall consistency整體性、一致性。

The tuning of Chorus is very stable, which means that it is difficult to find any flaws. Even if you evaluate a frequency band alone, it is the same. With the original line, Chorus can show the sound of the instrument in great detail, clear and natural extension, glossy and touching ventilation All the details of the bouncing and pulling of the mouth air strings can be savored and organized by the user, but the most outstanding thing is the separation and imaging when listening to the drum set.出色的還要數聆聽鼓組時的分離度及結像。

This unobstructed sense of hearing may make you think that the Chorus is a pair of so-called monitoring headphones. In fact, the Chorus can be used as a monitoring headphone. The requirements for the source are very friendly. Most of the front-end pushes can maintain it. The smoothness of the sound and the quality of the sound meet the needs of on-stage and off-stage monitoring. However, from an audiophile's point of view, natural timbre and excellent hearing resistance are the top priorities, while Chorus is functional and appreciative of the sound. Balanced as a bridge between the studio and the user,成為了連結錄音室和用家之間的橋樑。

So does Chorus sound good??

This is a question that has not been agreed upon for ten thousand years, but in Chorus it does work for most people份人。」

new accessories

Chorus will include a black Litz structure copper silver plated wire 4-core 3.5 single-ended plug with a PVC outer sheath to reduce the chance of the core oxidizing, making the headphone cable more flexible and durable柔軟且耐用。

In addition, a new round storage box is included with the earphone. The inner lining is a well-protected fabric storage box. The structure is very hard and the space tolerance is high. Three sizes of SML FAudio Premium earplugs and a pair of ear cotton are included. 耳塞套及一對耳棉。

FAudio ChorusSpecification

Number of Units Three Units元
Unit combination bass moving iron x1 full frequency moving iron x1 treble moving iron x11
Frequency response 20Hz 24kHzHz
Impedance 25ΩΩ

Sensitivity 112dB@1kHzz

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