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Ego Audio Tequila Headphone Upgrade Cable

Ego Audio Tequila Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Ego Audio Tequila

-8 braided Ultra Purity OCC Copper (27.5 AWG)

Tequila is such a gorgeous looking cable. It has an alluring color scheme, a purple-ish navy blue color and makes your IEM look fascinating. Probably one of the most attractive looking cables I've seen in a while. While Tequila much improves the aesthetics of your setup, the sound is what truly makes Tequila more attractive even more than its looks.

I was mildly surprised to find out Tequila to be a pure copper cable instead of SPC or other hybrids. Tequila tends not to alter with the quantity from a specific frequency or the tonality but enriches the sound in a way that it would feel more neat and organized. It shows a smoother sound flow while mildly adding crispy and crunchy bits to the sound.
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