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EarMen TR-Amp Portable Decoding Ear Amplifier

EarMen TR-Amp Portable Decoding Ear Amplifier

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TR-Amp is the highest-end product under the EarMen brand. It is a portable audio product produced together with Auris Audio, a well-known European professional high-end audio company.。

Built-in the industry's highest performance 32-bit mobile audio DACES9038Q2M SABRE 32 reference decoder chip has unprecedented dynamic range and ultra-low distortion and supports 32bit/ 384kHz PCMDoP DSD256DSD128 and MQA multiple audio formats Output power up to 400mW will allow you to easily drive most The headset TR-Amp is a certified MQA player TR-Amp uses the acclaimed ESS HyperStreamperStream©️II QUAD DACTM patented architecture technology and time-domain jitter canceller at a level of performance that will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles求。

Built-in Texas Instruments TPA6120 chip TPA6120 current feedback AB amplifier architecture provides high bandwidth, extremely low noise and up to 128dB dynamic range Built-in 3700mA large capacity battery Up to 10 hours of music enjoyment In addition TR-Amp built-in 3.5mm and 6.35mm jacks Combined this power is already impressive i.e. 400mW in 16 ohms (per channel)mW(每個聲道)。

To minimize external noise, the TR-Amp uses ultra-low ESR tantalum capacitors, advanced components in the power supply design, and 4-layer gold-plated PCB technology for the PC and smartphone industries to minimize noise. This will improve ultra-fine details, especially in In high resolution files you can clearly feel and hear the difference in sound到聲音的差異。

TR-Amp also supports Preamp pre-amplifier function. There is an RCA Audio terminal on the back of the machine. You can adjust the volume through the front knob and provide 3.4V output. It is convenient to connect some active speakers and other equipment that do not have volume adjustment. The lever switches to Direct mode bypasses the amplifier circuit to provide a 2.1V output EarMen separates the DAC function and charging on the two USB-C ports which makes it possible to do both at the same time以同時執行兩個操作。

And TR-Amp supports the technology of playing TidalMQA MQA from iPhone and Android smartphones. Collapses high-resolution files into smaller files that can be streamed anytime, anywhere. As part of the MQA Renderer, the EarMen product completes the unfolding process so that music lovers can enjoy to more high-res music多的高分辨率音樂。

The TR-Amp durable housing is made of high-quality aluminum and achieves excellent heat dissipation. The machines are designed, produced and assembled in Europe. The SMT production line is from Switzerland. All components are from Europe to ensure high quality products.產品達到高品質。

Brand story
Earmen is an emerging American brand, a sub-brand of Auris Audio, a prestigious brand in the audio industry. Designed and manufactured by Auris Audio founder Miki Trosic, Auris Audio has developed award-winning high-end amplification and audio processing equipment for home and desktop audio for decades. The experience of Miki Trosic knew that the market needed something new, innovative and great for those who like to listen to music on the go. With that in mind, EarMen was born - dedicated to delivering the highest quality audio experience while empowering you with Restricted music appreciation freedom制的音樂欣賞自由。

EarMen inherits the Auris Audio HiFi audio sound tradition, but unlike Auris products, EarMen is specifically designed to enhance portable listening. Therefore, EarMen's products are small in size - it can easily be combined with a smartphone and put in a pocket. Although smaller in size, EarMen Product contains powerful audio components designed to provide you and your device with a no-compromise audio experience Powerful amplification and world-class audio processing Fully compatible with all major smartphones and computers手機和電腦完全兼容。

EarMen understands that production quality and aftermarket product support are of the utmost importance to our customers. In order to facilitate communication with consumers, we have established offices in the United States and manufactures a full line of products in Europe to ensure the highest standards in the manufacturing process.標準過程。

It is a great honor for the Earmen brand to enter the Hong Kong market so that more enthusiasts can experience different high-quality HiFi products品。
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