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Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Orbit True Wireless Headphones

Campfire Audio Orbit True Wireless Headphones

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10mm custom full-range dynamic unit
Orbit uses a 10mm custom-made full-range moving coil unit. Benefiting from the characteristics of its own large-diameter moving coil, Orbit’s sound is easier to create a large-scale and dynamic music environment in order to bring out a more detailed and less distorted sound. The diaphragm is easy to use. The liquid crystal polymer (LCP) material is mostly used in high-end earphones and speakers. Due to the relatively high rigidity and damage resistance of the material, the diaphragm reduces unnecessary vibrations, allowing the sound to be restored more accurately and improving the overall sense of hearing. Generally true wireless Bluetooth earphones are different. Campfire Audio specially designed stainless steel conduits for Orbit. The rare metal conduits on the market can enhance the earphones to transmit sound more accurately in a wireless state, making the timbre sound with an irreplaceable sense of vitality and high-frequency extension. Responsiveness is sharp, the sound field is wide, and the human voice is delicate and smooth. The instruments are layered and three-dimensional. The low frequency of Orbit is consistently recognized by Campfire Audio, and it has a sense of power and control. It is not easy to cause excessive low-frequency roar and headache Orbit even performed extremely well on pop electronic music and psychedelic rock. If all music fans are interested in the above music, this earphone is a must have.,若一眾樂迷對以上音樂感到興趣的話,這款耳機更是必須要擁有。
Clear voice call function
For true wireless earphone users, the integrated function is very important. After the actual test, Orbit has a clear communication performance, and there will be no voices that are too far away or excessive wind noise. It is a big breakthrough in true wireless earphone technology. In addition to enjoying the Sounds Good music experience, fans can also enjoy the Sounds Good experience on the phoneood的體驗。
fashion young
The Orbit charging box and body shell are mainly earth tones. The interior of the charging box is light green, which is very Campfire Audio. It has always been unconventional and eye-catching in design. On the outside, Orbit follows the previous IEM design and has Campfire Audio’s own logo stainless steel conduit on both sides. Enhance the listening experience of various music. There is also a filter inside to prevent ear dirt from falling into the duct to keep it clean間配戴亦不會有太大負擔。
CAMPFIRE AppMobile application
This time, Campfire Audio specially designed a mobile app for Orbit. Users can know the real-time battery level of the headset and the preset operation gestures in the mobile app. It is also equipped with seven different preset EQ. Users can freely choose their own suitable sound, which greatly increases the earphone Plasticity and playfulness及玩味性。

Frequency Response
5Hz - 20kHz
Bluetooth 5.22
Codec Support
SBC, AAC, AptX Adaptive
IP code

Battery Details
*8.5 hours playtime when at 80% Volume from Single Charge
Earphone Case
30 hours reserve playtime
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