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Brise audio bsep for z1r headphone upgrade cable 4.4mm

Brise audio bsep for z1r headphone upgrade cable 4.4mm

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The adapter cable independently designed by the Brise Audio team fully refers to the functional tone of the IER-Z1R and is designed and compared.較聲。

  • Tuning for IER-Z1R
  • Brise Audio's own high-quality L-shaped plug headphone plugs and wooden splitters
  • Using IER dedicated terminals
  • The shielding layer uses BS Sheet carbon-based material and new generation CNT carbon nanotube material物料
  • Made in Japan

feature of product
4-core YATONO cable
BSEP for Z1R uses proven 4-core YATONO cable and adopts a special proprietary high-quality sound structure to fully utilize the unique high and low frequencies of Z1R低頻。

The same shielding material as MURAKUMO
The same shielding materials used in the highest-grade MURAKUMO applications include adding CNT special electromagnetic wave absorbing shielding material and BS Sheet to the wire shielding。

Carbon Nano Tube(CNT)
The new generation of Carbon Nano Tube nano carbon tube material CNT features: strength is 20 times that of steel, thermal conductivity is 10 times that of copper, density is half that of aluminum, good shielding ability。良好的屏蔽能力,Effectively isolate interference
Special electromagnetic wave absorbing shielding material
It is a material with a 7-layer structure that can absorb electromagnetic waves and convert heat, especially in the high frequency band.有效。
BS Sheet
It is a brand-new carbon-based material that can improve the positive impact of other materials on sound quality and has very little negative impact on sound quality.很小。

High performance and high purity copper conductor

Conductor construction
Quad Spiral Construction

Special processing
IER-Z1R dedicated adjustment

Special high-performance resin

Line length

Plug select the headphone end端)
Sony dedicated MMCXIER-Z1R / IER-M9 / IER-M77)

Plug selection source end端)
2.5mm Balanced4.4mm Balanced3.5mm Single End 3.5mm Balancedced
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