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Aviot TE-D01t Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

Aviot TE-D01t Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones

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■ Combination of two noise-cancelling technologies for an overwhelmingly immersive experience驗
Equipped with Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Noise Cancellation is as high as 50 decibels or more, and it can play continuously for up to 18 hours with only headphones8小時。
Compatible with dedicated app AVIOT SOUND ME Can use headphone detection function to prevent headphone loss and low-latency mode for games with less sound deviation延遲)模式。
* Playback time will be reduced by about 20% to 30% when using ANC%。

■ Noise reduction/ambient mode level can be freely adjusted according to the environment。
Equipped with noise reduction and ambient mode level adjustment function You can adjust the noise cancellation and ambient mode level according to the environment and situation at the time such as when you just want to focus on the music or when you want to capture the ambient sound firmly and play it to BGM level time級別時。
In addition, we made it more convenient and more suitable to your liking such as wind noise suppression mode for wind noise suppression and headphone detection function All can be set and used from the app AVIOT SOUND MEME”中設置和使用)

■ You only need earphones with the longest battery life in the world小時
AVIOT's unique power-saving technology achieves small size and light weight. The longest playback time is up to 18 hours with only headphones. In addition, the charging box with wireless charging function and large-capacity battery can achieve up to 60 hours of playback. Power on and off with the headset so no need to carry a bulky charging case Plus it supports fast charging for 15 minutes for about 3 hours of music playback and mono mode小時音樂,以及單聲道模式。
* Playback time will be reduced by about 20% to 30% when using ANC%。

■ Delicate Japanese sound created by a Japanese brand
The driver uses a large diameter unit of Φ10mm。
The diaphragm adopts the composite material of graphene and PU to achieve the excellent characteristics of high strength, high elasticity and high internal loss while being light in weight時重量輕。
Combined with AVIOT's acoustic design, the optimized internal structure provides comfortable sound. Headphones with active noise cancellation make music sound faithful and comfortable by combining AVIOT's technology, and many products even cancel part of the music signal.音樂信號。

■ The game has no pressure and low latency mode, and the sound deviation is small偏差小
Equipped with gaming low-latency mode模式。
Can greatly improve the lag that is common with fully wireless headsets during gaming where AV doesn't hook enjoy可以享受。
* Bluetooth communication may be easily interrupted due to obstacles or radio wave conditions斷。
* Dedicated app AVIOT SOUND ME is required to turn on/off game low latency mode ME”。

■ High-quality and smooth calls
To improve call quality, high-sensitivity MEMS microphones can be used to provide clear voice to the other party with less ambient noise and echoes語音。
With two microphones one per ear and a combination of four noise-cancelling microphones for a total of six microphones Remote work and voice SNS communication is very smooth非常順暢。

■ Ambient mode for capturing ambient sounds without powering off式
Equipped with Ambient Mode, you can capture natural ambient sound with just one tap of your headphones音。
For small conversations you can have smooth calls without putting on and taking off the headset話。

■ Sophisticated design in AVIOT style
While it's a headphone with hybrid active noise cancellation that tends to be big and heavy due to its construction, we've deduced the optimal size and shape without feeling overwhelmed到壓力。
Every corner has been carefully designed to make even people with small ears comfortable and reduce the risk of falls險。
The contrast between the soft, rounded transparent layer and the metal parts in the design changes beautifully according to the color of the part to make it look its best. Designed to create a luxurious feel when in the light.的奢華感。
There are 4 color variations you can choose the one you like款。

■ From EQ settings to ANC level adjustment, headphone detection function to wind noise suppression mode式。
The app AVIOT SOUND ME that allows you to customize everythingE”
Compatible with the new app AVIOT SOUND ME兼容。
I prefer AVIOT earphones such as 10-band equalizer setting noise reduction ambient mode on/off and level adjustment Headphone detection function using GPS function and wind noise suppression mode to suppress wind noise can be customized都可以定制。

■ unit:
φ10mm moving coil

■ Maximum input DC5V / 450mA (Max))
■ call built-in microphoneMEMS microphone風
■ The weight of the earphones is about 7.9g per earg
■ Up to 18 hours of play time時
■ Charging port USB Type CC
■Waterproof standard IPX44
■ Supported codecs AACSBCBC

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