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Acoustune RS ONE In-Ear Headphones

Acoustune RS ONE In-Ear Headphones

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ACOUSTUNE RS ONE for the first time on stageE

The RS ONE is the first earphone in Acoustune's Monitor Line. Available in grey and blue, it is a stage headphone that combines high durability and listening performance. The data and knowledge obtained during the production process and maintain a consistent dynamic design to develop a new in-ear earphone RS ONE RS ONE。

feature of product
Myrinx EL moving coil unit
The Myrinx unit has always been an important part of Acoustune headphones. The HS series has always witnessed the growth of the Myrinx unit. The RS ONE team that came to the new series has also developed a new Myrinx EL dynamic unit for medical use. Made of polymer resin, it has the characteristics of light weight, very strong and low loss, which greatly improves the performance under the condition of low distortion, and also has higher acoustic performance.外,亦有更高的聲學性能。

Long stroke design
The development team also specially set the position of the diaphragm of the Myrinx EL unit, the back cavity and the grille at a long distance, with high input resistance, it can maintain normal volume even after extreme transients, and the output air return speed is fast enough to cope with different At the same time, the unit also has very good sturdiness, even if the sudden loud whistle is such a high sound pressure, it is not easy to cause damage to the unit.下亦不易對單元做成損壞。

Easy to push low impedance
In order to cooperate with the wireless listening system on the stage, the impedance is specially adjusted to a very low level in the design, so that the headphones can be well matched with the system, and the sound quality degradation problem caused by the loss of volume or the change of the characteristics of the headphones is also reduced. It has better compatibility and can maintain a certain sound quality even if it is played on a general mobile phone持一定的音質。

High strength body
For listening on stage or for daily use of RS ONE, while taking into account durability and stability, the design process eliminates the problems of easily occurring pipe breakage, socket damage, shell damage, poor contact of the headphone cable, etc. The team specially reduced the number of parts and thoroughly researched The most vulnerable part of the earphone is made of polycarbonate with strong impact resistance and heat resistance. The shell is divided into two parts to make the shell resistant to impact, heat and sweat.衝擊、耐熱和耐汗的特性。

Newly developed ARM011 headphone cable
It is mentioned that the newly developed ARM011 cable that comes with the RS1 is made of high-purity Litz Wire and Kevlar bulletproof fiber, wrapped with PU material, double-shielded, twisted-pair, 4-core structure, and designed for stage performance. The 3.5mm curved head reduces the risk of wear and poor contact caused by sweat more than the average Pentaconn Ear水導致的接觸不良風險。

excellent presence
By reducing the number of parts as much as possible, the design is simplified and the strength of each part is enhanced. The rigidity of the panel and the body is greatly increased. In addition, in order to allow more people to wear the body easily The impedance design and the large excursion sound system bring the earphones with a horn-like sense of presence plus very good accuracy, no matter whether it is everyday or on stage, it has a good sense of hearing.或舞台上,都有很好的聽感。

9.2mm Myrinx EL dynamic driver

Frequency response
20Hz 40kHzz

108dB@1KHz / 1mWW)

maximum input
30mW power rating is 5mWW)

32 Ohms
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