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Acoustune hs2000mx in-ear headphones (display item)

Acoustune hs2000mx in-ear headphones (display item)

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Interchangeable cavities bring more possibilities to sound ACOUSTUNE HS2000 MX flagship headphones機

Acoustune of Japan has launched a lot of headphones with its iconic double metal shell. The new flagship headset HS2000MX can be said to be the new peak of the HS series. The new structure is matched with the traditional Japanese color shell, the Japanese-made beryllium ultra-thin top film is used, and the signature Myrinx is used. The medical-grade material diaphragm brings the unique compact and bright sound of metal materials to the new earphones. In addition, the new Acoustune Capsule Technology ( A.C.T ) technology allows you to safely and easily replace the metal cavity to match the cavity of different materials in the future. The body allows users to change and call up different tones by themselves用家可自行更換調出不同音色。

feature of product
Acoustune Capsule TechnologyA.C.T..)
As early as the establishment of Acoustune, the modular concept has already appeared in the sketches and minds early in the morning, and the initial product HS1551CU has begun to completely separate the cavity and the shell of the concept, and this familiar design has been used until now to the new generation. The HS2000MX takes another big step forward and adopts the new Acoustune Capsule TechnologyA.C.T. The replaceable cavity design allows users to replace the cavity by themselves, which greatly improves the playability of the headset令耳機的可玩性大大提高。

Integrate tradition into technology
Acoustune's headphone series have all been replaced with a new look. For example, the entry-level HS1300SS has been the first to change to a new design. When you come to the HS2000MX, you will not only be attracted by the indigo blue color full of traditional Japanese culture, but you will also find that this is a series design. The enhanced version of the A.C.T. is made of CNC aluminum metal and stainless steel anodized aluminum alloy. The modular structure is further developed. The high-precision and compact movable housing structure strengthens the suppression of the negative impact of resonance on the sound. Just open the activity bar The latch can automatically switch between different material cavities, and the shape of the back of the machine has been redesigned to give users a more comfortable wearing feeling.新設計,令用家有更貼耳的佩帶感覺。

High strength alloy cavity
Acoustune has always been good at using different materials to make the earphone cavity and adjust the sound through the material resonance characteristics. The cavity that comes with the HS2000MX is just common in aircraft manufacturing. The Duralumin alloy cavity has a higher strength than ordinary aluminum. The density and hardness of the HS2000MX will help the extension of high and low frequency. In the future, different materials and cavities will be introduced to facilitate users to purchase according to personal preferences, so that the HS2000MX has greater plasticity.2000MX 有更大的可塑性。

The latest Myrinx unit
Of course, the HS2000MX uses the latest Myrinx Composite moving coil unit, just like this series of traditional diaphragms are made of medical-grade polymer biomaterials. The upper sounding dome uses Japanese beryllium film, which was originally used in high-end speaker tweeters. The material has very strong impact resistance and high temperature resistance, which greatly enhances the extension of high frequency, and can cope with continuous large dynamics. It improves the response speed and control force, and brings smooth, dense and large dynamic linear performance.密集及大動態的線性表現。

16-pin hybrid headphone cable
Every time Acoustune releases a new headphone, different headphone cables will accompany the HS2000MX. The number of conductor cores and the braiding method have been repeatedly modulated in many aspects. Considering the average sound and wearing feeling, the independently sold 4-pin upgrade is finally adopted. The cable ARS100 series is basically replaced with a 16-core silver-plated OFC cable mixed with a very small OFC cable, and the Pentaconn Ear terminal plug is used to match the overall feeling. Changed to indigo blue for better integration of the headset for a luxurious full feel好的一體性,營造出奢華的完整感覺。

Japanese gorgeous packaging
The packaging has also been replaced with a new design, full of traditional Japanese characteristics and a sense of unity. The cypress wood box is wrapped in traditional Japanese paper. In addition to the HS2000MX body and special cables, there are also a wealth of accessories, including a new portable earphone box. Winder also symbolizes blessing. Of course, in order to improve the sound quality, the HS2000MX is also replaced with a new ear gel configuration.亦換上全新耳膠配置。

Equipped with new ear gel configuration
From the earphone to the cable to the packaging, it gives a brand new feeling. The HS2000MX is not only modified to be more close to the ear, but also equipped with a total of 12 pairs of brand-new ear gel ear cotton as a set.為配套:
A new type of eargel from iFit made of SMP shape memory polymer adopts a double-winged design. Compared with standard eargels, the wider ear wings increase the contact area with the skin at the entrance of the ear canal. Its shape means it fits closer to the entrance of the ear canal even without deep insertion In addition to increased comfort, it also provides a different sound field than other ear gels due to the increased space in the ear canal Available in XSSML and XL sizesS、S、M、L 和 XL 尺寸)
Based on the Acoustune AET07 ear gel, which has been released for many years, which is very popular among users送 S、M、L尺寸)
Made of high-quality TPE thermoplastic elastic material from German KRAIBURG TPE, the material will also soften the eargel according to human body temperature, so that the eargel has a very good adhesion to the ear canal, ensuring more stable wear and a very good airtight sound insulation effect. Supplied with SSMSML size SS、MS、ML尺寸)

10 mm Japanese beryllium film dome Myrinx Composite moving coil unit

Frequency response
10Hz 30kHzz

110dB@1KHz / 1mWW)

24 Ohms
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