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Acoustune HS1677 SS In-Ear Headphones (Showcase)

Acoustune HS1677 SS In-Ear Headphones (Showcase)

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ACOUSTUNE HS1677SS Female drug and dynamic具

The HS1670SS with stainless steel cabinet has become one of the most popular models of Acoustune earphones. It has been released for nearly two years. Finally, it took nearly two years for Acoustune to launch the stainless steel earphones. The same use of Pentaconn Ear replacement plugs with new headphone cables and tuning is once again amazing再一次令人驚艷。

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New rules for Pentaconn Ear
The HS1677SS is an updated version of the HS1670SS. The biggest difference is that the Pentaconn Ear plug is used. This plug for high-end in-ear headphones is more stable and durable than the MMCX. The plug is in closer contact with the socket. It is also simpler and more convenient than MMCX, which can reduce the chance of accidental damage to the plug. The cable of the machine is the latest ARC51 headphone cable produced by Acoustune. This 8-core cable is a mixture of silver-plated OFC copper and OFC copper. strike a good balance度之間取得良好平衡,

Unique taste of stainless steel
HS1677SS is made of classic double-layer metal casing. The unit and switch socket are installed in two independent casings to reduce the impact of resonance. The casing is made of pure aluminum. The entire casing of the unit and the pipes are made of stainless steel. Myrinx 10mm moving coil unit has been re-tuned for a long time. The HS1677SS has a bright and beautiful female voice, showing the so-called Japanese female poison of enthusiasts. Whether it is the charm of young pop singers or the charm of mature singers, it is vivid and vivid. The low frequency is also more than the previous generation. The attack force punches to the bottom of the flesh. Listening to PopRockACG music is absolutely excellent聽Pop、Rock、ACG音樂絕對出色。

10mm 4th generation Myrinx moving coil unit

Frequency response
10Hz 25kHzz


24 Ohms

ARC51 headphone cable 4/9 pairs of AET ear glue aluminum protective box portable box headphone cable clip耳機線夾
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