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AAW A3H+ Noir Edition Hybrid Unit In-Ear Headphones

AAW A3H+ Noir Edition Hybrid Unit In-Ear Headphones

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Buy now AAW A3H+ Noir Edition,You can get a set of black metal brushed panels for free (price HK$199)199)!

Singapore brand AAW entry model A3H+ has a very high CP value值The timbre has also been affirmed by the Hong Kong market, and the new year AAW Based on the A3H+, the successor model A3H+ Noir Edition is recreatedn!

All aluminum alloy shell
The shell of the A3H+ Noir is made of higher-cost all-aluminum alloys, in addition to the greatly improved shell rigidity.外More metal materialsEffectively reduce the resonance generated by the operation of the moving coil unitAvoid low frequency interferenceMakes the sound more crisp and neat The panel is designed with a bright silver mirror計carveSimple embellishment with the words AAW / A3H+。

unit configuration
The A3H+ Noir is a two-wheel configurationThe 10mm bio-diaphragm moving coil unit is responsible for providing powerful bass and high frequency with AAW Own open ductless NOVA moving iron unit元So that high-frequency information is not easy to loseMore natural transmission of mid-frequency motion with high dynamic response動Iron coherent throughout the frequency bandSmoother sound connection。

four-segment tuning
AAW used the tuning vent on Project 4+2 and Halcyon to control the amount of low frequency. On the A3H+ Noir, it was the first attempt to adjust the electronic crossover. There are a set of two tuning switches under the panel that can respectively control high frequency and low frequency. There are a total of four combinations. Tuning greatly improves the timbre variability of A3H+ Noir Users can choose the appropriate tuning according to the equipment, music and even mood情選擇合適的調音。

Null Audio standard cable
Most of the original assembly lines of AAW mid-to-high-end headphones are designed and produced by Singapore Null Audio for better performance. A3H+ NoirAAW specially asked Null Audio to design the standard configuration of the wire and wire conductor as OCC single crystal copper wire core線芯add deepgrey cordAll accessories of the line body use a new generation designmore technologicalSame as the metal-cased A3H+ Noirand。

Unit 1 moving coil + 1 moving iron + 1 NOVA moving iron動鐵
Partial three-way音
A set of two tuning switches (four sets of tuning))
Sensitivity 105dB SPL@1Khzz
Total Harmonic Distortion<=0.5% @1mW@1Khzz
Impedance 12ohm@1Khzz
Frequency response 10Hz~40Khzz
All aluminum alloy shell金

Included accessories:
Null Audio Epsilon OCC Single Crystal Copper Wire
AAW Carrying Bag
Tuning switch tool
cleaning cloth
Ear gel (large, medium and small)小)
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