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Vortex Cable Nira (ConX) Headphone Upgrade Cable

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As the first new cable to be launched in 2022, Nira represents the results of our multi-faceted efforts over the past year to provide greater compatibility with Effect Audio ConX interchangeable pins. Targeted design and tuning as a member of the annual series Evoko Nira was borna由此誕生 。

⚡️Complete LT4⚡️
Nira chose Taiwan-made 5N LC-OFC copper-plated silver as the base material to build a complete Litz Type 4 structure with 6 sets of multiple strands. The LT4 multiple strands can effectively handle the transmission of high and low frequency signals at the same time, and the LT4 composed of 6 sets of structures It can improve the overall density, thickness and softness度及柔軟度得到提升。

⚡️Effect Audio-ConX⚡️
In 2021, Vortex will spend most of its time on wire accessories and packaging. However, in order to meet market needs, Vortex has begun to negotiate with various types of brands to establish friendship and partnership. Hong Kong brand and directly authorized to use the brand's product ConX to sell on Vortex cablesrtex線材上出售。

Metal Origin Taiwan灣
Material 5N LC-OFC copper silver plated銀
Cable Litz Type 44
Equipped with : Effect ConX plug