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Unique Melody

Unique Melody New Mini MEST

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Unique Melody New Mini MEST is officially here!

You may feel for a moment that the New Mini MEST may be a downgraded version of MEST HK Special+, but the New Mini MEST, which has been trimmed and updated by the factory, has a different style. The inflection and color changes of the mid-frequency are more stylistically expressed in the new version. The unique freshness is also a signature sound in the UM earphone series.

Made with the quality and craftsmanship of high-end earphones, New Mini MEST's sound, appearance, etc., have a completeness that stands at the top of the same level of products, and the sound potential can be liberated by replacing the wire (is it a built-in 2-pin socket), The first choice for entry upgrades?


Combining the opinions from users in the past, combined with the manufacturer's experience in the application of 3D printing technology, adjusted the new style of bone conduction in-ear headphones Mini MEST that is close to the people and beautiful 🤩

Its internal structure is redesigned, adding an Open-Air BA midrange unit with an open casing:this unit has one side of the casing removed, so that the sound can be transmitted directly to the pre-designed acoustic room without blocking, and after trimming, Strengthened, resulting in finer mid-frequency details, density and extensibility, and its resonance is also minimized. With the multi-layer piezoelectric bone conduction unit first used in MEST HK Special+, the fusion shows extremely fine and dense. mid-range tone.

🌟 The biggest difference between the new version and the old version of Mini Mest comes from the size and shape of the casing. Referring to the design of MEST, the volume of the cavity of the New Mini MEST is larger than that of the old version, which is used to accommodate a larger mid-frequency acoustic room, and the sound quality is of course better.

Sound is guaranteed, and of course UM's complete accessories portfolio. The basic black headphone cable, ear gel ear cotton, etc. in a separate small box are not small, and it also comes with three kinds of unique blue leather cases designed and produced by Dignis Korea, with the blue mess on the Mini MEST. Textured carbon fiber for a more consistent appearance.