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Unique Melody

Unique Melody Mext Coil OBC Bone Conduction In-Ear Headphones

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UM incorporates the principle of bone conduction into the earphone design. The additional vibration of the bone conduction unit creates an immersive sound. It is this extraordinary sound performance that makes UM's bone conduction earphone series popular with portable audio enthusiasts.友歡迎。
The ME series is a showcase of UM's skills because in addition to the all-round MEST MKII, the newest product MEXT, which focuses on ambience, music and dynamics, has officially debuted through the new Original Bone ConductionOBC unit and the improved bone conduction acoustic structure.MEXT,正式登場。
The OBC unit is a branch of the UM bone conduction series. It consists of four parts: a cylindrical metal cavity, a neodymium magnet, a pure copper coil, and a metal vibration plate. The vibration plate will follow the movement to form a strong bone conduction shock wave構成強效的骨傳導震波。

MEXT uses four UM custom-made brake iron units, a moving coil unit and OBC unit as the sound basis. The OBC unit will operate in the low frequency to mid-high frequency range to enhance the frequency transition and enhance the sound texture, while the moving coil complements the ultra-low frequency output. The moving iron unit Responsible for the restoration of mid and high-pitched details. Compared with other high-end UM headphones, the sound is pragmatic but still excellent.音效卻依然出色。
Compared with the previous method of placing the bone conduction unit, the OBC unit of the MEXT is placed in a deeper position under the cavity, and is fixed with bone conduction damping through a specially designed space. When the user wears the MEXT, the vibration of the OBC unit can be transmitted to the contact surface more. The wide concha cavity brings more obvious bone conduction effect骨傳導作用。
number of units
six unit

unit combination
Coil OBC bone conduction unit x1 + moving iron unit x4 + bass moving coil x1

Frequency response
20Hz ~ 23KHz


OBC unit sensitivity
@1kHz 5mN peak @400Hz 79mNm·N