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Unique Melody

Unique Melody 3DT HK Special + Blue Stain Wood Grain

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big hit 3

DT once again ushered in a special color for a period of time. This batch of factory used blue-dyed wood grain as the shell, which is slightly different from the previous two batches of stabilized wood and resin mixed; the new color has a more integrated feel, and it is easier to see the natural wood grain Texture! There are more or less wooden eyes, each pair may have a little difference, but maybe you will also open a pair of wooden eyes full of...

The fun of 3DT is not only the appearance, but also the sound. Using a 3-moving coil structure, the acoustic pipes and precise frequency divisions made by 3D printing technology perfectly integrate the three-segment timbre to achieve a smooth and coherent sound performance. Also because it is sensitive to the front end, replacing the cable and the player can also achieve a great improvement~

Seeing that many friends wanted to have a bluer 3DT appearance earlier, after a long discussion with the manufacturer and the Japanese agent, it finally came to fruition! Moreover, the look and feel are different, the price is the same! This style is also limited to 150 pairs