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Unique Melody MEST MKII HK Special+

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After 15 months, our Unique Melody MEST MKII HK Special+ is officially unveiled亮相💥
UM always has surprising and cost-effective craftsmanship performance and tuning skills that make each of their products a combination of beauty and listening.一身。
Each pair of the MEST series, which is the first to adopt bone conduction technology, has a deeper sound performance. The HK Special+ version brings the comfort of headphones to another level. The new bone conduction acoustic structure adds a second air hole design to cater to the market for mobile speakers. comfort requirements度的要求。
Over the past year, we and UM have not stopped improving and strengthening MEST, adding richer elements to the entire series, redefining the sound performance of the bone conduction unit and its true potential by adding the patented dBC-S double shock bone conduction The unit MEST MKII HK Special+ can show more obvious sound energy fluctuations. The factory also re-adjusted the crossover circuit and unit placement of this pair of headphones according to the listening needs of local audiophiles to show more obvious sound field depth and exquisiteness. The full-range details of the mid and high frequencies will be more natural and richer than the regular version規版本來得自然和豐富。
In order to thank you for your love of the MEST series, the first batch of users who purchased the MEST MKII HK Special+ will enjoy the first discount price of $$1️⃣1️⃣8️⃣8️⃣8️⃣,At the same time, we will also include ERUA Audio M1 Shielding 4.4mm, a unique five-pole shielding design worth $6,999, which liberates the earphones.另一姿態!