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Toxic Cables Eddie 26

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Toxic Cables Eddie 26

🔥26AWG Type-4
OCC Cryo Pure Silver Litz wire
🔥Wire Diameter: 26 AWG Very Soft
🔥Construction: Litz Type 4 Golden Ratio Construction
🔥Color: transparent
The sterling silver conductor wire developed by Eddie and Toxic, a well-known Asian enthusiast called E God, is also a new revision design after Toxic and the Hydra sterling silver series were released in 2016. The wire diameter is adjusted to 26 awg to facilitate the portable Litze type 4 structure, supplemented by special gold and silver. Solder tuning and give back to enthusiasts at a high CP value to enjoy high-quality sterling silver wire sound用銻銅鍍金加超冷處理。
Eddie has amazing resolution and soft and gorgeous mid-high frequency extension, but it is very soft, delicate and non-irritating. Different from gold and silver alloys, the sound-dyed sterling silver conductor provides an extremely smooth feeling straight to the forehead and has the rare low-frequency power of silver lines. The sense of diffusion inherits the clean background of other Toxic cables. The mid-frequency statement is bright and clear, but not as thin as ordinary silver cables. Analytical classical symphony performances and fast-paced music must not be missed類型的音樂千萬不能錯過。