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Thieaudio V16 Divinity Wired Headphones

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Thieaudio Technology
16 Knowles and Sonion moving irons
5-way frequency division system
Ultra Pure Silver Plated OCC Copper Litz Wire X Modular Plug Design Upgrade Wire

brand introduction
Launched in 2019, Thieaudio is a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. Thieaudio's goal is to serve as a creative platform bringing together the best team of engineers to inspire revolutionary audio products for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. For each project we hand-pick his or her field. The most innovative and well-known engineers to oversee the design, engineering and manufacturing of products ranging from the Thiaudio Phantom planar magnetic headphones and the Voyager Legacy and Signature series of in-ear displays to the success of IEMs. We are committed to continuously expanding the limits of high-fidelity audio. Choose our experience. Outstanding musical performance選擇我們,體驗卓越的音樂表演。

Introducing V16 Divinity Gods介紹

The pinnacle of in-ear monitors

With 16 Knowles and Sonion balanced armatures on each side of the V16 Divinity is not only the pinnacle of Thiaudio's technological innovation but also one of the most powerful in-ear monitors in the world We set out to develop our final flagship model not only with gorgeous internal specs And with our most comprehensive tuning and engineering strategy, the result is professional performance never seen on the market. With a comprehensive 5-way crossover system, the entire frequency band is divided into highly defined zones specific to each drive type. This precision Combined with high driver counts for incredibly detailed textures and richness across the entire spectrum信的細節、紋理和豐富性。

The subwoofer is powered by Sonion's largest woofer driver and has been tuned to cut off at 200Hz for a true subwoofer-like experience delivering punchy and punchy bass - all without hindering the midrange mid-range Mid and mid and a unique custom driver combination was chosen to best bring out its character. The richness and richness that this strategy allows is combined with studio-like flat tuning throughout the mids without fading the sound. Brings a higher level of clarity down to note the fundamentals Custom Knowles super tweeters are used to accentuate the shimmering and airy vibes in the music and tuned to reflect the harmony between detail retrieval and comfortable listening pleasure適聆聽樂趣之間的和諧。

It’s not uncommon for in-ear monitors with such a high drive count to hit the market, and even rarer for such well-designed in-ear monitors as the V16 Divinity This final flagship version is the pinnacle of Tiodio’s legacy之作。

V16 Divinity's Upgrade Line

In our new version we also upgraded the previous cable We improved the physical texture of the cable by using a soft braided paracord material質地。

The V16 Divinity comes standard with ultra-pure silver-plated 26AWG OCC copper Litz wire plus extra stranded wire for a slightly meatier feel and richer sound. Best of all, this new stock cable features a proprietary smart A new modular plug design allows you to choose between 4.4mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced terminations by simply changing the plug end. This reduces the need for bulky adapters and makes your setup more flexible. The 2-pin connector on the full look and feel spare cable has also been updated to provide a stronger fit with your IEM與您的 IEM 更牢固的配合。