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Thieaudio Monarch MK2 Electrostatic Hybrid Headphones

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Electrostatic x2 Moving iron x6 Composite diaphragm moving coil x1x1
brand introduction
Launched in 2019, Thieaudio is a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. Thieaudio's goal is to serve as a creative platform bringing together the best team of engineers to inspire revolutionary audio products for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. For each project we hand-pick his or her field. The most innovative and well-known engineers to oversee the design, engineering and manufacturing of products ranging from the Thiaudio Phantom planar magnetic headphones and the Voyager Legacy and Signature series of in-ear displays to the success of IEMs. We are committed to continuously expanding the limits of high-fidelity audio. Choose our experience. Outstanding musical performance選擇我們,體驗卓越的音樂表演。
Introducing Monarch MK2
Our goal with the Monarch MKII was to improve technical performance and introduce a more balanced tone while staying true to the original spirit. We took the opportunity to update all internal drivers, replace them with the latest drivers and rearrange the configuration for better performance現更優性能。
The 10mm dynamic moving coil has been upgraded to a new composite diaphragm moving coil The new moving coil is extremely resilient with a substantial increase in diaphragm tension and magnet strength The moving coil can also handle subwoofer conditions when designed to specifically replicate bass frequencies Produces a tighter and more punchy kick drum and low volume punch Plus two dedicated bass moving irons are paired with moving coils for perfect coherence between the low end and the rest of the spectrum之間實現完美一致性。
Monarch MK2 To enhance the finer sound quality we reconfigured the unit to strengthen this trunk range with four mid-range drivers, an incredible improvement in technical performance, reduced distortion, and resolution, clarity and clarity in the mid-high range. Significant enhancements over its predecessor This single change is enough to make the Monarch MKII feel like a whole new beast while still maintaining the typical studio standard sound range型的工作室標準音域。
The latest electrostatic drivers are integrated into the Monarch MKII. The rearrangement minimises duct resonance and extends high frequency roll compared to the original Monarch. This means a more even and detailed treble range. Our innovative integration of the EST driver into the setup can Create a shinier, more analytic vibe in your music透和高分析的氛圍。
The Monarch MKII continues Thiaudio's legacy of being one of the few in-ear headphones in the world that uses EST technology correctly一。
One of the controversial sonic aspects of the Monarch MK2 is its super-defined and emphasized sub-bass. While some prefer a clean separation between the sub-bass and low-mid frequencies, others are concerned about the sheer amount of bass. In order to achieve resolution, we The volume of the sub-bass has been slightly reduced to a more appropriate level while pushing the bass from 150Hz to 200Hz This change still maintains a subwoofer-like clean and punchy low volume character that doesn't taint the mids but is essential for low frequencies like bass guitars The instrument introduces a slightly warmer texture The mids between 200Hz and 1kHz remain neutral which makes the Monarch MKII an impeccable professional monitoring device The midrange transition between 1 and 2kHz has been pushed back to 3kHz which reduces Every aspect of the tuning process has been carefully inspected, ears and measuring equipment have been carefully tested. We are proud to present the Monarch MKII's vision of perfection.onarch MKII的完美願景。
10mm Dynamic Driver Sonion / Knowless Balanced Armatures Driver Sonion Electrostatic Driver
26AWG OCC silver plated cable with fabric-coated
Smart-switch (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm)
1.2 m