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SpinFit CP1025 (For AirPods Pro) Silicone Ear Tips

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  • Bendable ear tube design - CP1025 follows SpinFit's patented ear tube design"bendable ear tube", which allows CP1025 to penetrate deeper into the ear canal and minimize the obstruction to the sound transmission path, just like a CM earphone.
  • Improve sound performance ─ The level of the sound field is improved, capturing more sound details, improving high frequency performance, and maintaining strong low frequency performance.
  • Higher Durability - Sweat-proof, shock-proof and low-breathable TPU is used as the ear tube material, allowing users to enjoy music with peace of mind when exercising.
  • High-transparency, high-purity silicone material ─ soft material, almost zero pressure, comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • SpinFit Patented Adapter Ring ─ Tailor-made for AirPods Pro, it is easy to install and stable, and it is stable and not easy to fall off.
  • Choose any size - there are 4 sizes in total:S, M, ML and L. Each pack comes with 2 pairs of eargels of the same size, and 2 adapter rings.