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SPEAR Labs TRINITY In-Ear Headphones

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Due to manual production, the monthly quota in Hong Kong is 10 pieces in two colors. Please contact us for inquiries first.查詢

SPEAR Labs TRINITY Product Highlights:

  • 24K Gold Plated Silver Front and CARC Carbon Ceramic Coated Silver Front Options
  • The main body is made of Trillium alloy fused with titanium beryllium aluminum合而成
  • The outer layer of the main body is coated with CARC carbon ceramic coating, which is not easy to peel off and has military grade hardness數
  • SHOCKWAVE 2.0 technology 2mm giant moving coil unit with 4 moving iron units with abundant bass and overall balance平衡
  • made in America

Premium quality professional sound quality with SPEAR Labs TRINITY in-ear headphones耳機

In daily life, the three-in-one will always appear around, and there are countless simple ones, such as instant coffee, oven, shampoo, shower gel, or even religion or robots in sci-fi animations always appear from time to time. Of course, it is also in the headset industry. There are three-in-one examples such as SPEAR Labs' signature three-layer shell design, and the new TRINITY this time combines the three elements of strong, magnificent protection and consideration for sound wear and appearance.一身,以及對聲音、佩戴與外觀的考慮。

Led by famous headphone engineer Dale Lott, SPEAR Labs from the United States has been innovating new in-ear headphones TRINITY using the newly developed SHOCKWAVE 2.0 technology to balance the tone of the 14.2mm extra large moving coil unit and 4 moving iron units The shell has also been upgraded to a three-in-one combination of Argentium Silver Trillium CARC coating, plus two panels are chosen to pursue noble texture and high sound quality, taking into account the consistent brand hand-made style. Limited production of 10 pairs per month shows its preciousness  10  對,可見其珍貴之處。


TRINITY Product Highlights

  • 24K Gold Plated Silver Front and CARC Carbon Ceramic Coated Silver Front Options
  • The main body is made of Trillium alloy fused with titanium beryllium aluminum合而成
  • The outer layer is coated with CARC carbon ceramic coating, which is not easy to peel off and has military grade hardness數
  • SHOCKWAVE 2.0 Technology 14.2mm giant moving coil unit with 4 moving iron units平衡


Take advantage of large units

As the pioneer of Hybrid hybrid, Dale designed hybrid unit headphones with rich experience and personal style. The most talked about is to maintain balance and full of powerful bass performance. The SHOCKWAVE 2.0 technology used in TRINITY is the latest research result of Dale. The carefully selected units are matched with rich tuning technology. The bass is ferocious without losing balance Neodymium magnets and multi-layer diaphragms also have large output, fast response and low distortion performance有迅速反應、低失真表現。


No split design

TRINITY follows the non-crossover circuit design concept of the previous ASL4.5. The mid-frequency and high-frequency units are respectively responsible for 4 moving iron units. Purely through acoustic design, the audio of different frequency units is naturally connected to avoid the use of crossovers. The impact of sound coherence To achieve the smoothest frequency band extension, lower distortion and more detailed. At the same time, because of the multi-layer structure shell, the 14.2mm moving coil unit and other units have better space to play without interfering with each other. This is also the original intention of the design.間,這亦是設計的初心。


The strongest metal decentralizes IEM for the first time

The multi-layer shell is also a major feature of SPEAR Labs headphones. TRINITY is used in the multi-layer shell. The main body is the top CM earphone. Triton INFINITY's Trillium alloy is made of Trillium alloys of three metals such as titanium, beryllium and aluminum. These three metals have always been considered for audio products. The ideal material in the medium, and the light and high-density characteristics of Trillium alloy and the resonance it produces are the perfect materials to make headphones at any cost. The re-adjusted shell has a certain reinforcement effect on the low frequency of 100Hz, making the bass sound thicker.更有一定補強作用,令低音聽起來更厚實。


Military grade durable CARC carbon ceramic coating

In order to avoid surface oxidation, the surface is re-coated with CARC carbon ceramic coating. This technology of grinding carbon and ceramic into fine powder and reprocessing requires extremely high temperature so that CARC molecules can be coated with Trillium alloy shell. The surface coating is not easy to peel off and the TRINITY shell The hardness has reached the military level, and it also has a certain protection ability to protect the earphone and its 2-pin earphone cable socket. The high-frequency sound is already impeccable without losing its sound balance.平衡度,更達至完美。


The ultimate luxury Argentium Silver panel

The golden version of TRINITY is made of Argentium Silver, the highest purity and most advanced silver metal. The common sterling silver is called 925, that is, it contains 92.5% silver, but Argentium Silver is a higher level of 975. Higher and purer standards. Most of these materials are used in famous watch jewelry. They are used in earphones.鳴,令聲音更動人耐聽。



two options

In order to meet the needs of different users, TRINITY provides two panel options. The golden panel is sparkling and exudes elegance. The whole silver panel is plated with 24K gold, the side is polished and the back is brushed and the main body is CARC coated. The three textured SPEAR Labs logo under the high-gloss black is still conspicuous under the golden light. The embellishment is solid and understated, and the CARC coating is extremely durable and more suitable for professional orientation users 塗層極其耐用,更適合專業取向用家。


More durable patented nFORM ear cotton

As the most intimate part of in-ear headphones, SPEAR Labs has developed a new patented ear cotton nFORM. It is made of Nano Cellular nano honeycomb structure, which has antibacterial effect and is more durable than ordinary ear cotton. It is comfortable and stable when you wear it. nFORM is developed to enjoy music. It has excellent sound insulation performance and can maintain the original taste of music.效能,亦能保持音樂的原有味道。


Comparable to a famous watch


SPEAR Labs brings you not just a pair of earphones with outstanding sound, Trinity is packaged with a luxury grade earphone packaged in a precious wooden watch box that is comparable to a high-end watch, and you can use another cowhide protection if you carry it every day The case is modeled after a musket cartridge. Gedral also provides excellent protection極佳保護性能。