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SONY WH-1000XM5 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

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  • HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 and V1 integrated processor for a distraction-free listening experience驗
  • Fully automatic personal noise reduction optimization function and air pressure optimization technology
  • 30mm specially designed driver unit to create superb sound quality
  • 2x2 beamforming microphones and AI noise reduction system for excellent noise-free calls
  • Ultra-comfortable and lightweight soft-fit leather革」

Immerse yourself in it without distractions擾。

The WH-1000XM5 headset is not only equipped with two sets of processors that can control eight microphones, an automatic noise reduction optimizer that can automatically optimize the noise reduction function according to the wearing condition and environment, and a tailor-made driver unit. Noise reduction的降噪 1 Technology takes uninterrupted listening experience and call clarity to a whole new level界。

Multiple Noise Sensing Technology

Sony's strongest noise-cancelling technology to date Four microphones on each earcup filter more accurately filter ambient sounds and significantly reduce high-frequency noise.化降噪效能。

Unparalleled Noise Cancelling Experience

Sony specially developed a new V1 integrated processor to take full advantage of the HD noise reduction processor QN1 Unique integrated technology can control eight microphones to achieve unprecedented noise reduction quality降噪品質。

Special design 30mm driver unit

The specially designed 30mm driver unit has a soft ring to enhance low-frequency noise reduction, so you don't have to suffer from ambient noise when you enjoy music. Carbon fiber composite material is used to create a light-weight and high-strength hemispherical speaker to improve high-frequency sound clarity音清晰度。

Excellent sound quality perfect craftsmanship藝

Specially designed 30 mm (Precision Design) driver unit Lightweight high-strength hemispherical horn made of carbon fiber composite material Improves high frequency sensitivity for a more natural sound quality Solder fine-tuned sound resistors for even power distribution and sound-optimized circuitry that improves signal-to-noise ratio for clear and consistent sound致的聲音優化電路。



Enjoy high-resolution sound whether wired or wireless音

Thanks to the industry's widely adopted LDAC sound coding technology, the WH-1000XM5 supports High-Resolution Audio and High-Resolution Audio WirelessLDAC for the amount of data transmitted料量 3 About three times the sound of traditional Bluetooth Delivers excellent high-resolution sound質。4


Instantly restore all your compressed archives

DSEE Extreme uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) edge computing technology to instantly upscale compressed digital music files. This technology dynamically identifies the orchestration style and individual elements of each song and restores the treble lost during the compression process.流失的高音。5

1000X Series Best Call Quality

Precision Radio technology uses four beamforming microphones and AI noise reduction algorithm to precisely isolate your voice Newly developed wind noise reduction structure minimizes wind noise during calls Hear and be heard clearly no matter where you are及被聽見。


Multi-mic design focuses your voice音

Headphones with four beamforming microphones calibrated to pick up only your voice for a better signal-to-noise ratio to capture every word, even in all the noise一個單詞。

Extremely clear and noise-free calls話

Using precise radio technology and advanced audio processing technology, the caller on the other end can hear your voice clearly even in a noisy environment. Using artificial intelligence machine learning technology to develop noise reduction algorithm using more than 500 million speech samples to suppress the environment Noise and capture your voice clearly in a variety of environments取您的聲音。

1 = noisy
2 = no noise

All-day comfort and noise-free design

This series of lightweight earphones is perfectly covered with the newly developed soft-fitting leather. This material can fit the head to block external sounds without pressing the ears. Noiseless design with stepless sliders, seamless rotating structure and headband, quiet and silent The joints allow WH-1000XM5 to bring you the most comfortable wearing experience適的佩戴感受。

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Auto Noise Cancellation Detection Mode automatically adjusts sound settings for you based on your activity定

Flexible Sound Control Smart feature senses where you are and what you're doing to adjust ambient sound settings for the ideal listening experience When activated, the feature learns your behavior and recognizes places you frequent like work or your favorite coffee hall and adjust the sound settings for the current situation整音效設定。

Speak-to-Chat chat mode for everyday use

Speak-to-Chat automatically stops the music when you start a conversation and lets ambient sounds in without removing the headset, freeing up your hands for a casual conversation This smart feature uses the headset's built-in microphone and advanced audio processing technology to identify your voice and The music will automatically continue playing after your interactive conversation ends音樂就會自動繼續播放。
Find headphones with Fast Pair

The WH-1000XM5 supports Google's useful new Fast Pair feature. It's easy to know where the earphones are dropped with just a beep sound. You can also check the last known location on your smartphone with Google's Find My Device app.的已知位置。


Easily pair with a computer

Swift pairing feature quickly and easily pair the headset with a Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop or tablet A nearby Windows 11 or Windows 10 device displays a pop-up pairing guide when selecting pairing mode對指引。

24/7 power with fast charging

Long-lasting 30-hour battery life provides plenty of power for long-distance travel Use USB-PD-compatible AC adapter to charge for 3 minutes for 3 hours of battery life if fast charging is required的續航力。12

All operations at your fingertips

The WH-1000XM5 headphones have an intuitive touch interface such as pressing the left button to switch from noise reduction to ambient sound or use the right touch panel to play or pause music, skip tracks, adjust volume and many other functions多其他功能。

Folding storage box saves space間

Easily carry your earphones with a soft storage case Portable and foldable storage case reduces the size by up to 40% and easily fits in a bag包中。

Box Contents

Unpacking the WH-1000XM5 earphones, there is a carrying case with a headphone cable (about 1.2m) and a USB charging cable電線。

more friendly to the environment

Packaging of WH-1000XM5 13 Adhering to the design principle of low toxicity and the concept of recyclable and remanufacturing, it does not contain any plastic packaging materials, and contributes to the society. The product packaging box is made of recycled and sustainable materials specially made for Sony. plastic material件的塑膠材料。

Quickly listen to your favorite music

With Quick Access you can set Spotify to keep playing music without using your phone with two to three taps on your headphones的手機。8

Control functions with your voice

Get assistance without taking out your phone Just say Hey Google or Alexa to activate your preferred voice assistant好的語音助理。9 Listen to music, connect with friends, get notifications, set reminders, etc. You can also control headset functions such as noise reduction with voice commands等耳機功能 10、Listen to and handle emails in Microsoft Outlook and join Microsoft Teams meetings using Google Assistant or Siri議。11

Listen safely with the Sony Headphones Connect app聽

Compare the sound pressure data recorded by the headphones with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to see how safe you are listening to music Receive OS notifications when the volume is too high通知。

multipoint connection

For easier use, this series of bluetooth earphones can be paired with two bluetooth devices at the same time, so when there is an incoming call, your earphones will know which device is ringing and automatically connect to the correct phone. Also, you can quickly connect the earphones with the touch of a button. Switch to one of the devices換至其中一個裝置。