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Sony LinkBuds S WF-LS900 True Wireless Headphones

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圖片展示在耳上的灰色 LinkBuds S
Comfortable and stable

LinkBuds S combine an ear-friendly shape with ergonomic design for a more secure fit. We designed the LinkBuds S and evaluated the performance of various ears using a wealth of ear shape data collected since the world's first earphones were introduced in 1982. Sensitivity to ensure the ideal shape is designed to fit most people理想形狀。

Specifications and Features

Stay connected with the outside world with the Sony LinkBuds S wireless earbuds LinkBuds S feature optimized ambient sound and noise cancellation in a compact, lightweight design for all-day wear全日佩戴。

    Connect your world online and offline anytime界


    Automatically switch between ambient sound mode and noise cancelling mode


    Extremely small and fits very well合


    Realistic sound for clear calls話


    20 hours of battery life Enjoy up to 60 minutes of playtime with a 5-minute quick charge間