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Shanling UA5 Flagship Portable DAC

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(with one original leather case)

【Shanling UA5 Flagship Portable DAC - Dual ES9038Q2M】

Three golden acoustic configurations climb the peak of sound quality again 

The DAC part of the UA5 that everyone cares about most adopts the dual ES9038Q2M configuration. It can be said to be the top configuration in the portable decoding. This dual-channel high-performance DAC is used in the UA2M6 21 version. Arguably one of the best solutions for portable DACs佳解決方案之一了。

The UA5 adopts the design of dual DACs to maximize the decoding ability and improve the resolution density. This is also a strong guarantee that the UA5 is different from ordinary portable decoding. Of course, Shanling's iconic single/dual DAC technology is also also did not fall也同樣沒落下。

With dual DAC amplification, it can’t be vague. UA5 uses dual RT6863 amplifier chips to boost thrust. The output power of UA5 has reached a single-ended 137mW@32Ω balanced 211mW@32Ω. Large thrust + better information makes the UA5’s sense of hearing completely different. It's portable decoding是便攜式解碼就是了。

In addition to the DAC+amplifier UA5's USB master chip, CT7601 is still used. This chip can support PCM768 / DSD512, which is stable, high efficiency and low power consumption. It is an ideal master chip.理想的主控芯片。

Of course, in order to ensure the high-standard transmission of signals, UA5 also has FPGA + crystal oscillator to provide accurate independent clock signal, reduce jitter and make UA5 sound more pure音更為純淨。



1x USB-C



1x Single-ended Jack 3.5mm

1x Balanced Jack 4.4mm


DAC Chip

2x ESS ES9038Q2M

Amplification chip

Ricore RE6863

Output power

Single-ended: 135mW @ 32Ω

Balanced: 210mW @ 32Ω

Supported sampling rates

PCM up to 32bit 384kHz

DSD up to DSD512

OS Compatibility





UAC Support

UAC 2.0

UAC 1.0