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Shanling M6 Pro Version 21 HD Music Player

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M6 Pro 21 version Android lossless player will have two colors of black, gold and titanium, the collision of warm mellow black and gold, or the bright titanium color. The last round of golden light is optional.隨君挑選。

brand new chip
The sound of the M6 Pro 21 version under the blessing of dual ES9068AS flagship DAC chips is similar to the M6 Pro classic version, which is that it tends to be balanced in the overall style, but it is different when you listen carefully. The sound of the M6 Pro 21 version is more slender, bright and dynamic. Stronger medium and high frequency transparency, rich in information and excellent extension豐富,延伸優秀。
* Supports MQA 16x fully expanded
*768kHz/32bitDSD256 hard solution 

stronger hardware
Compared with the OPA1612 made of pure silicon, the OPA2211, which uses a silicon-germanium hybrid production process, can better ensure that the output of low-noise and high-current electrical signals protects thrust and reduction.護航。
Self-developed CPAF (Constant Phase in All Frequengy) low-pass filtering technology Our engineers redesigned the circuit from the mathematical modeling to solve the group delay problem of traditional low-pass filtering to ensure the signal consistency and stability of the whole link和穩定性。

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