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Re'Cycle Audio

Re'Cycle Audio blue coral

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Re'Cycle Audio's new headphone cable is finally here!
It is like a soft and natural sound hidden in the deep sea!

The wire material is based on pure copper, the outer layer of the deep sea blue fiber cloth mesh, and the coaxial wire is made of four twisted Litz braided structure.
Coaxial structure:pure copper conductor and pure copper shielding layer are used for grounding to reduce noise interference.
Sound Design:Comfortable and durable, warm tone, the background is open and quiet!
Price $2980

Plug-in:choose Taiwan craft plug, preset 4.4mm plug (choose 2pin or MMCX plug), or pay to buy and upgrade the 4.4mm plug of different brands with the Effect Audio ConX plug.

If you want to switch to other headphone plugs or upgrade plugs, welcome to inquire.
★Additional models of headphone plugs and pins are subject to additional charges.
☆The wire has a limited annual maintenance.