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RAPTGO x HBB Hook-X (Blue Devils)

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The RAPTGO Hook-X has been well-received by music lovers and professionals since its launch. This time we are delighted to bring you a brand new version of RAPTGO's Hook-X. RAPTGO has invited one of the audiophile world's legendary audio critics, Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews aka Hawaian Bad Boy collaborated with them on this brand new - RAPTGO x HBB Hook-X Take the new Hook-X to a more perfect sound至更完美的聲音。

For greater resolution and sound dynamics, the new Hook-X increases the size of the super-strong magnetic application to optimize the magnetic circuit adopts a 7*2 dual-array N52 magnetic circuit design Thinner diaphragm for better low frequency dive And richer dynamics combined with HBB's years of experience with thousands of HiFi audio products, the new Hook-X is sure to bring a new storm to the hybrid-driven world場新的風暴。

The new Hook-X follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with a hybrid in-ear monitor design that combines flat-panel drivers with piezoelectric (PZT) drivers. These two driver types are one of the most compelling driver technologies in the audio industry and have never been seen in IEM. Flat-panel units are used together in a format that uses thin ribbons suspended between two powerful magnets. Electric current is passed through these thin ribbons to generate vibration and sound. The advantage of flat-panel units over moving coil or moving iron units is that their diaphragms have extremely low weight and The strong magnetic field of the magnet produces extremely high responsiveness而產生極高的響應性。

RAPTGO made their own large 14.2mm flat panel drivers driven by powerful N52 magnets for faster response to transients from the diaphragm enabling the precision of the drivers to achieve an incredibly powerful and impactful low frequency response in addition to the full frequency Effectively extended range from 20Hz to 40kHz for high frequency response previously unavailable in IEMs供的高頻響應。

The internal cavity structure design and acoustic damping system have been carefully designed to achieve the goal of balanced tuning, which is rare in IEMs using flat panel units. For tuning and acoustic characteristics, the new Hook-X has an open design which allows the maximum amount of airflow through Highlights the characteristics of flat panel units with a more open soundstage than typical IEMs擁有更開揚的聲場。

Finally, the rear-opening design is more able to reduce hearing fatigue by preventing pressure build-up in the ear. The shell of the Hook-X is designed after extensive simulation experiments to match the typical ear angle and wearing experience. The entire shell and cavity are made of high-precision 5 The shafts are CNC made to ensure uniformity of the sound chamber. Every aspect of the Hook-X, from the housing design to the assembly of the unit, showcases process engineering prowess and acoustic taste.程實力和聲學品味。

The new Hook-X also features an optimized modular plug wire headphone end with a 0.78mm 2-Pin CM jack which means you can simply swap 4.4mm and 2.5mm balanced jacks and 3.5mm unbalanced jacks plug in between for use with any of your devices起使用。


Raptgo has partnered with one of the legendary audio reviewers in the audiophile world, Bad Guy, Good Audio Reviews (also known as Hawaian Bad Boy), to upgrade the previous success-Hook-X in-ear monitor to achieve next-level ultra- performance. To obtain greater analytical power and sound dynamics, the new Hook-X has increased the size of super strong magnet application to optimize magnetic circuit with 7*2 dual array N52 magnetic circuit design. Thinner diaphragm is adopted for better low frequency dives and richer dynamics. Combined with HBB's years of experience with thousands of HiFi audio products, the new Hook-X certainly will bring a storm to the hybrid driver worldld


The new Hook-X follows its predecessor with a hybrid in-ear monitor design utilizing the planar magnetic driver in combination with a piezoelectric (PZT) driver. These two driver types are among the most sensational driver technologies in the audio industry, and have never been utilized together in an IEM format. We took on this momentous concept, and through careful engineering and testing, have successfully created an IEM that encompasses the powerful characteristics of these drivers fashioned with tonal perfection. Unlike other IEM novelties that simply cram in hyped drivers , we are proud to achieve a product that is tuned to balance and allows the listener to both appreciate the acoustic superiority of these drivers as well as enjoy the music through their harmonious tonality.


The planar magnetic driver utilizes a thin ribbon suspended between two powerful magnets through which electrical currents run. The advantage of a planar magnetic driver is the extreme responsiveness compared to dynamic or balanced armature drivers due to its lower mass and strong magnetic field. We manufactured our own large 14.2mm planar driver, which is driven by powerful N52 magnets. The precision of this driver allows incredibly punchy and impactful sub-bass response, as the ribbon is more responsive to transient signals. Furthermore, the full frequency range is effectively extended from 20Hz to 40kHz to produce an upper treble response previously unobtainable in an IEM. Internal housing structure design and acoustic damping system were carefully brought about to achieve a balanced target tuning, a rarity among IEMs that utilize the planar magnetic driver.


The piezoelectric driver achieves enhanced treble response through vibration of piezo elements within the housing. In cooperation with an external team with military engineering backgrounds, we have designed a double-sided layering system consisting of 12 ceramic piezo elements that has been fine-tuned after more than 100 acoustic shock simulation experiments. Each of our PZT drivers undergoes 52 complicated processes during production, and is hand tested and paired. In addition to the planar magnetic driver's extended treble response, our PZT driver adds an extra dimension of sonic resolution and air that is incomparable with typical balanced armature or even electrostatic drivers.


For both tuning and acoustic properties, the new Hook-X adopts an open-back design. This allows the maximum amount of airflow to highlight the planar magnetic driver's characteristics. Additionally, this opportunity opens up the soundstage compared to typical IEMs, mimicking the openness and realistic playback of open-back planar headphones. Finally, the open-back design prevents the buildup of pressure within the ear to reduce hearing fatigue. Moreover, the newly designed PZT acoustic shock drive bracket structure greatly avoid transmission loss and vibration to present a better sound performance. The housing of the Hook-X was software designed after a large number of simulation experiments to match the typical ear angle and wearing experience. Each unit is crafted from a high-precision 5-axis CNC to ensure uniformity of the acoustic chambers. From the housing design to the driver assembly, each aspect of the Hook-X is a demonstration of workmanship, engineering prowess, and acoustic tastefulness..


The new Hook-X comes with a optimized modular connector cable terminated to 0.78mm 2-pin jacks. This means that you can simply swap out the connector between the 4.4mm and 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced jacks to use with any of your devices. This incredible design limits the need for bulky adaptors. The cable itself is made using OCC silver-plated coaxial shielded wires that enhance the transparency of the hybrid drivers.