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RAPTGO HOOK - X Flat Headphones

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Fully open acoustic design for better listening experience驗
The back cavity of the earphone adopts a fully open percussion design
Make In-Ear Headphones Have Open-Back Headphones
as good air flow while reducing
The pressure of in-ear headphones on the ear reduces hearing fatigue
Comfortable in-ear angle large size unit is also available有
RAPTGO engineers have many years of experience in the development of in-ear headphones and custom earphones, and have a deeper understanding of the wearing comfort of earphones. In the early stage of designing HOOK-X, they conducted the largest in-ear angle and wearing experience analysis simulation experiment HOOK- X has a large 14.2mm flat panel unit, while HOOK-X also has a comfortable wearing experience保戴體驗!
Finely crafted two-tone oxidation化
To ensure sound consistency and reliability
HOOK-X adopts high-precision 5-axis CNC precision machining of the acoustic cavity. At the same time, we adopt the more 2-time anodizing process of Fudong. Under the elegant appearance, there is a young and dynamic line color.線色!
Customized Flat + Customized PZT
new concept new attempt
The customized 14.2mm flat panel unit has excellent percussion performance in the whole frequency range. The traditional PZT drive unit is used for bone conduction oscillator or high frequency compensation. It is difficult to take both into account. The X P2T full-sound compensator takes into account the full-band sound compensation and the high-energy vibration of bone conduction, so that HOOK-x has a grand sound field and a better presence. Thanks to the excellent characteristics of the flat panel unit and PzT driver, the HOOK-X frequency Wide can easily achieve 20Hz-40KHz鬆實現20Hz-40KHz
Special customized double-sided 9-layer large size PZT acoustic and vibration driver
52 complex processes produced more than 100 acoustic shock simulation experiments HOOK-X carried out a large number of acoustic shock simulation experiments to optimize the PZT drive to a good state的狀態
While compensating for sound in the full frequency range, the PZT driver also has excellent vibration response. Through the double compensation of sound and vibration, the full range of the earphone is more superior and the sound field is greatly improved.的提升!
Interchangeable mating wiring
Standard 2.5mm 3.5mr 4.4mm three plugs
•Compatible with mainstream portable systems on the market
,Lets you convert between flat and single ended