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qdc Fusion (Hong Kong Special Edition) One Ring Four Iron Hybrid Unit Headphones

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The design inspiration of Fusion (Hong Kong Special Edition) comes from Jazz fusion fusion jazz, Jazz fusion is a kind of music that combines jazz with elements such as R&B, Rock, Funk, etc., so as to fuse the new sound of world music with life. Just like the hybrid unit in the earphone, after a reasonable sound cavity space configuration and frequency division adjustment, the advantages of each unit can be fully utilized to bring more amazing listening enjoyment. Fusion (Hong Kong Special Edition) fully combines the advantages of moving coils and moving irons, while using a patented acoustic architecture to maintain the customized sound consistency of moving coils. Based on comfort and listening, it adapts to the tuning concept of pop and jazz, and satisfies your desire for good sound quality.

Patented Acoustic Technology

Fusion features a patented dynamic acoustic conduit design. Before the moving coil unit enters the earphone shell, the tuning has been completed, including consistent matching with the moving iron unit, and the moving coil unit achieves sound consistency without being limited by the size of the earphone shell cavity.

Custom moving coil unit

Fusion has a high sensitivity of 106dB and a flat frequency response. The qdc-customized composite diaphragm moving coil unit achieves an accurate mid-frequency without missing low frequencies. This is compared with previous coil iron headphones. rare.

The Hong Kong Special Edition of"Positive Design" 2pin CM pin plug

The unique feature of the Hong Kong Special Edition is that the earphones are completely changed to"positive phase design". The 2pin CM pin plug is more convenient for users to replace and use the wires in their hands according to their needs, so as to match more different combinations and explore more possibilities and combinations.

Fusion ( Hong Kong Special Edition) Detailed specifications :

Unit:1 moving coil + 4 moving irons

Sensitivity:106dB SPL/mW

Frequency Response:10Hz - 20KHz


Noise reduction:26dB

Headphone plug:3.5mm

Technical features:3 frequency division, 3 sound holes, patented acoustic structure

Recommended use:monitors and music lovers