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qdc Dmagic Solo Dynamic Headphones (Hong Kong Special Edition)

qdc Dmagic Solo Dynamic Headphones (Hong Kong Special Edition)

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Mirror virtual boost, full-frequency sound presentation

Dmagic Solo is a high-sensitivity full-frequency single-moving coil earphone developed based on the Dmagic Turbo mirror virtual supercharged acoustic patent technology. The full-acoustic tuning technology can not only reflect the micro-dynamic details of the micro-moving coil, but also achieve the surging low frequency of the large-diameter moving coil.低頻。

3D printing technology Consistent sound

3D printing technology is used to integrate the Dmagic Turbo dual acoustic cavity and composite conduit to ensure the consistency of sound. The pure copper silver-plated headphone cable with Solo DM interchangeable plug meets the needs of balanced/single-ended players. Body seamless fit subtly presents a transparent three-dimensional fashion beauty時尚美感。

Skin-friendly material, worry-free wearing

Skin-friendly resin material, comfortable and stable to wear貼

Interchangeable cable interchangeable plug design + Hong Kong special version of the normal phase design of the 2pin CM pin plug針插

The unique feature of the Hong Kong Special Edition is that the earphones are completely changed to 2pin CM pin plugs designed for normal phase and have 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs that can be replaced by themselves, which is more convenient for users to replace according to their needs and use the wires on their hands. Different DAP or ear enlargement greatly increases the variability and flexibility of the headset, and the accessories are complete and the standard Solo DM interchangeable plug is standard. The pure copper silver-plated headphone cable meets the needs of different players同的播放器的需求。

Convenient and sturdy earphone storage

Stylish denim headphone case Anti-collision and wear-resistant flannel inner layer Anti-collision and anti-scratch to provide comprehensive protection for headphones帶更輕鬆。

Detailed specifications
Unit full frequency moving coil unit Dmagic Turbo patented technology技術
Sensitivity 98dB SPL/mWW
Frequency Response 10Hz to 30kHzz
Impedance 18 Ohmss
Sound insulation 26dBB
Headphone plug interchangeable plug card type 3 in 1合1)
Headphone Cable Solo DMM
Recommended for monitors and music lovers者

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