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PWAudio Inspire Of Headphone Upgrade Cable

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From the beginning to the future
The unique application and understanding of pure copper conductors is a key for PWAudio to establish its own brand status. Several years have passed, with the emergence of a series of reference works and tribute works, PWAudio's pure copper wire products are still the first choice for beginners to senior enthusiasts.
Since this product in the 1960s, Peter has shown his research and development strength, and has derived many products made of similar concepts. products, touch portable audio users with different requirements and preferences, with the progress of the times, let the classic continue.
This year, PWAudio will focus on the beginning and future of the brand, and launch the latest wire rods, summarizing years of R&D and upgrading of wire rods.
Experience, show more possibilities on the basis of the brand, and reveal the latest page of PWAudio wire products.
The Beginning of Everything - Inspire Of…
The local era songs of the 1980s are a reflection of the lives of many Hong Kong people, and also the birthplace of many song inspirations and trends; just like the original works of PWAudio, a solid foundation extends endless possibilities.
Inspire Of…, with a hint of 1960s, but the sound experience will evolve to another level. The timbre inspiration is drawn from the golden years of the local music scene, infiltrating the core structure of Orpheus and the pure copper wire of PWAudio Level 1 Copper. The sound of Inspire Of… has obvious ups and downs, and the energy in the mid-bass is abundant. It also makes the bottom of the throat more concentrated and dense. It is very comprehensive in terms of atmosphere rendering and vocal performance.
The mid-high range is quickly retracted and released, and the air feeling or analytical power is not emphasized, so as to exchange for a comfortable, natural brightness, and sweet-sweet mid-high extension effect. The overall feeling is like the dawn of the early morning, dispelling the chill, not slow or slow, natural and elegant, and it is a suitable wire for both vocal sketches and pop songs.
The outer layer is covered in navy blue woven mesh with black aluminum alloy hardware.