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PLUSSOUND Verse Copper+ Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Copper+ New Litz Type 6+ Design

Copper+ continues the design of the original PS Litz Copper wire but uses a new 2-in-1 coaxial shielded wire structure構。

Its structure adopts Litz's multi-wire twist design, but converts the shock-absorbing fiber in the center into a UP-OCC pure copper Litz center shaft, which is wrapped with a layer of enamel-plated outer skin and a layer of independent shielding to achieve complete The isolation effect can greatly reduce the core impedance. The second layer is the traditional Litz Type 4 UP-OCC pure copper wire set. The enamel sheath is used to independently shield the third layer. The new structure Semi-Coductive material is developed by the manufacturer through unremitting efforts. Due to its high extensibility and anti-EMI ability, it has a wider coverage than metal shielding mesh or cotton mesh, and its compactness is also better. It can effectively block external electromagnetic interference.加優秀,有效阻隔外間電磁干擾。

Cooper+ has no less development and production difficulty than the previous Tri series. The semiconductor material used for the first time and the UP-OCC Litz pure copper wire core that has been multi-stranded are also successfully produced from materials that require processing technology and quality management. It will go through PlusSound's cryogenically-treated Cryogenically-treated and use a specific treatment process to make Copper+ achieve the ideal conduction performance. Material integration is higher令不同材質的融合度更高。

The three layers of shielding are gradually deepened from the inside to the outside, so that Copper+ has a very fine sound reproduction power and a quiet background performance. The degree of cooperation is a symbol that confirms it as a new generation of PS products產品的標誌。

Verse Portable Weather Resistant Design

The core of Copper+ has a little hardness, so Verse Copper+ uses a 4-core circular braid and wraps a layer of braided mesh on the four cores independently to protect the PS sheath and the core splitter. No braided mesh is added to fully display Copper+ Stunning pure black exterior maintains flexibility and comfort靈活性及舒適度。

PS special rhodium-plated plug and gold workpiece

In order to express the excellent sound quality of Verse Copper+, PS uses cryogenically treated rhodium-plated plugs to enhance signal integrity. The pins use the same cryogenically treated gold-plated pins as one of the tuning methods of the wire, which makes its sound more inclined. The warmer tone of the front mid-frequency performance highlights the superiority of Verse Copper+ in terms of detail and density方面的優越之處。

In order to match the pure black wire body, the appearance uses rose gold gold workpieces as embellishments, and the left and right are separated by gold and silver silk來分別。