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PLUSSOUND Tri-Hybrid Headphone Upgrade Cable (CM 0.78 , 4.4MM)

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「All-round mixed materials - PLUSSOUND Tri-Hybrid is available in limited quantities場
The grand picture of Tri-Hybrid was formed earlier than the first T-series cable, T-Metal. Through three different types of cores with different timbres, they were combined into a more advanced and comprehensive sound through mature tuning techniques. In-depth understanding of core sound and attention to detail can make them perfectly integrated and evolved完美地融合進化。
Tri-Hybrid mixes the three cores of T-MetalTri-CopperTri-Silver. The three cores are all braided with Type 6 Litz structure, and each set of cores is mixed with a central axis made of shielding material. When the core works, it provides a larger expansion space structure, which is also beneficial to reduce the influence of skin effect and proximity effect on conduction efficiency and enhance the performance of its details and lines.其細節與線條的表現。
In addition, the three cores have been Cryogenically-treated by PlusSound. The difference from the cryogenic treatment on the market lies in the processing time, the number of times, and the temperature return to room temperature. Fine-tuning so that the PlusSound cores can reach their ideal conduction efficiency. The core after cryogenic treatment compensates for the grain boundary difference caused by pulling out the base and cooling. The finished core has higher material density and lower internal resistance. Purer sound imaging and reproduction帶來更加純淨的聲音結像和還原度。
The main difference between the three cores is of course the 6-core version in terms of material usage.芯版本)
🌟T-Metal single core with a total of 6 groups of copper gold-plated + gold-silver alloy independent shielded wire multi-stranded structure結構
Neutral tone, balanced sound, obvious sound extension, average three-frequency quality improvement提升
🌟Tri-Copper single core, a total of 7 groups of pure copper copper, silver-plated copper, gold-plated independent shielded wires, multiple twisted structure絞合結構
The tone is full and thick, the separation and texture are greatly improved, the sense of line in the mid-high range and the overall clarity are improved提高
🌟Tri-Silver single core, a total of 7 groups of sterling silver silver plated silver plated silver palladium plated independent shielded wire multiple twisted structure絞合結構
The tone is smooth and the micro details are rich, and the lines are tightened to enhance the layering of the headphones.步明顯
Each wire core has the famous strong resolution and texture of PLUSSOUND wire. The three wire core products can bring a good improvement to the earphone as long as they are properly matched. In terms of PLUSSOUND, after years of wire research and development, we understand that the purer material can be used again. The advanced production process will only make the finished wire close to the theoretical limit and never break through the inherent frame of the material. Therefore, the manufacturer has been actively looking for new materials to match in recent years, such as the first palladium-plated wire, Tri-Silver and the first silver-palladium-plated wire. and copper palladium plated mixed wire PPH to find the most suitable combination for the Tri-Hybrid projectproject最適用的組合。
It is not difficult to find in the hearing sense of T-family cables that their timbres are actually complementary. This is the final presentation of PLUSSOUND, a variant cable that perfectly integrates a new height in terms of tone style and quality.度的變種線材。
To integrate multi-tone materials requires the designer's keen sense of material and tone and tuning skills to achieve an integrated and smooth sound. Therefore, PLUSSOUND specially customized a special audio solder for Tri-Hybrid and used the manufacturer's famous solder. X6 six-core design to better integrate the sound of three cables種線材的聲音。
In fact, Tri-Hybrid is a relatively special existence in the market, only because its material application is more complicated than traditional wire cores, and it is a brand new attempt for PLUSSOUND, so it is looking for a variety of solders in the 8-90s and active service. Instead of being satisfied, the manufacturer decided to develop a special hybrid solder for Tri-Hybrid, adding a variety of precious metals with its own composition ratio to better integrate the strong characteristics of the three wires.線材的強列個性。
The X6's 6-core design is relatively unfamiliar to some customers. In the market, the general wires are designed in multiples of 4, but this limits many tuning possibilities. The 6-core wire can be used for welding. Positive and negative Weld different numbers of cores on the pole, such as welding two cores on the positive pole and welding one core on the negative pole, and on the Tr-Hybrid, we can develop different combinations of core materials, such as welding Tri-Copper and T-Metal on the positive pole The negative electrode is welded with Tri-Silver, so that Tri-Hybrid can not only bring about changes in sound, but also make it better combine the advantages of the three cables to produce a qualitative breakthrough結合三款線材的優勢,產生質的突破。
Also because of the uniqueness of this wire, Tri-Hybrid can only be designed into X6 structure構。
Gold-plated connectors can't meet the transmission efficiency required by Tri-Hybrid, so it uses the factory's new Rhodium Plated connectors as standard configuration with a smooth silver splitter, which is more noble更顯高貴。
In response to Tri-Hybrid's requirements for transmission efficiency and stability, the factory uses its own high-quality rhodium-plated connectors for the headphone pins and playback plugs. The substrate and polishing process are better to ensure that the rhodium-plated layer is strong and durable. And each connector will be cryogenically treated by the factory before welding to ensure that each material is combined to bring smooth and efficient transmission capacity效的傳輸能力。
This connector also emphasizes the stability of the solder joints. Compared with similar connectors on the market, its solder joints and outlets are wider, and there is more space to reinforce the solder joints and outlet positions, so that the sound of the wire is not only excellent but also more durable.也更加耐用。