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Oriolus Brown Oriole Szalayi

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【Mellow, delicate and soothing new age vocals ~ Szalayi Brown Oriolei 褐鸝】
New structure moving iron + flat plate + moving coil圈
A new taste, a different taste, a different voice人聲
New experience of box smell, new shock of low frequency全新震撼。
Brown Oriole Szalayi (1 moving coil + 1 plate + 1 moving iron)

Three-unit, three-way, three-conduit hybrid architecture design,
Custom 10mm moving coil unit,
Customized pure copper cavity 14mm flat panel unit。
Flat type の black oriole
Specially modified dim high frequency
Reproduce the time of drinking tea under the sunset by the ancient road outside the long pavilion品茗時
Those voices worth savoring aftertaste
Recommended for you with a story
Ergonomic cavity
The new cavity design 3D effect panel is handmade with resin imported from Germany作。
The contour of the cavity conforms to the structure of the human ear and has been adjusted many times for a better fit and stability to ensure wearing comfort, making you addicted to music and forgetting to wear it樂,忘記佩戴。
2Pin 0.78
Gold-plated copper double pins
18K Gold Plated Contacts for Enhanced Conductivity力
Improve antioxidant capacity
4.4mm balanced plug
High-purity oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire
Model: Szalayi
Impedance: 10Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
Frequency Range: 10-40000Hz