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ORB Clear force Light Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Founded in 1977, ORB Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Osaka, Japan. The main business is the production of metal detectors, home appliances and electronic products, and the design / manufacture of industrial production equipment. The products are all advertised as Made in JAPANn JAPAN。
This time, the manufacturer has launched a new Clear force Light series headphone cable for the headphone cable. The price is about HKD$799 to HKD$12999 。

feature of product
Clear force Light series headphone cables have three different headphone end formats: MMCX2-Pin / 0.78mm / CIEM and Pentaconn Ear. The plug end is divided into three styles: 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm款式。
Each headphone cable is manufactured in our own factory. It uses ORB's original pure copper conductor flex C4. It is said that the cable has high sound quality and excellent flexibility. Its structure can maintain low distortion when transmitting signals.低失真效果。
In addition, both ends of the Clear force Light series of headphone cables are made of carefully selected high-quality audio-grade components and plugs, allowing the series to achieve clear and balanced sound quality at the same time as cost-effective.高性價比。

Plug selection headphone end端)
2-Pin/0.78mm/CIEMMMCXPentaconn Ear

Plug selection source端)

line length