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ORB Clear force conversion cable (3.5mm Female)

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  • The latest iPhone no longer comes with a conversion cable. If you want to use a normal 3.5mm plug headphone on your iPhone, you need to purchase a separate conversion cable. However, friends who have requirements for sound quality will not be satisfied with Apple's original conversion cable. Japanese ORB Clear force made with ingenuity Lightning -3.5φ adopts the same production technology and material selection as the well-received Clear force Ultimate headphone cable, which can be regarded as an audiophile-grade iPhone conversion cablehone轉換線!
  • ORB has always insisted on producing wire rods carefully welded by Japanese craftsmen in Japanese factories材,Most of the materials selected to ensure the best quality are also produced in Japan產,Bring the most exquisite and beautiful product Clear force Lightning-3.5φ is no exception Lightning end一端Use (true) brass sockets for larger sockets to be more durable用,The brass material also helps to enhance stability. It can be described as both inside and outside, and the 3.5mm end is selected.就選Stainless steel socket made by Japan Topura Hanbai plus coating with its own formula層,Ensure the best transmission quality。

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  • In terms of wire, the same self-made wire PT4 wire core as Clear force Ultimate is selected from Furukawa Electric.河電工The OFC acid-free copper used in PC-Triple C, the next-generation high-quality copper material, is cast by Furukawa Electric's exclusive technology製,Impurities as fine as a few microns can be removed with a purity of up to 99.996% on the other hand方面,Although PC-Triple C does not have a single crystal structure like PCOCC,However, after the copper material has been forged by tens of thousands of light percussions, the copper crystals will be neatly arranged horizontally.列,Moreover, it can eliminate the fine gaps between the crystals so that the current can be transmitted smoothly輸,It also helps to improve the stretch and softness of the wire and the combination of new materials合,The headphone cable is also soft and durable and feels good to the touch好,And can reduce the noise caused by touching the wire。

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  • There are many types of conversion cables for iPhone on the market, but the materials used are like ORB Clear force Lightning-3.5φ, and it has never been seen before.見,Sturdy casing and excellent construction give users more peace of mind when using,The sound performance is unmatched by other conversion lines,High-quality conductors comparable to high-end headphone cables make the sound transmission more sincere and expressive神,The details and dynamics that should be in the music can be presented one by one, and the low-frequency lines are clear.條清晰,Powerful and powerful vocals add a bright and sweet taste, and the high-frequency loudness will make the iPhoneiPhone's potential to be exerted to the limit!

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