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NUARL NEXT1 Flagship Headphones

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NEXT1 is equipped with a dynamic unit with a diameter of 10mm, but due to its small size, NEXT1 is currently one of NUARL's smallest true wireless earphones. NEXT1 not only has a new driver for Hi-Res playback, but also supports LDAC codec, equipped with hybrid active noise reduction multi-point Connection and AI call noise reduction and other functions In addition, the unique tuning of NEXT1 EQ allows you to experience your own personalized voice immersively自己專屬的個性聲音。

NEXT1 is in line with NUARL's NENXNT series of high-quality earphones, but in the era of true wireless, it pays more attention to the personality and taste of consumers. The naming of NEXT1 is also to create a new era of highly personalized earphones and give fans a better immersive experience. to experience給燒友們更好的沉浸式體驗。

■Immersive experience sound Follow me 7 kinds of sounds for you to choose (two presets and 5 kinds of self-set EQ options) 選項)

NEXT1 is equipped with a high-quality tuning equalizer PDE (Pure Direct Equaliser) directly tuning without going through the initial state preset. By using the dedicated NUARL Connect APP, you can choose NUARL's two self-tuning, and you can choose more than 10 billion possible combinations. Set five personalized tones. Users can freely tune on the original sound source according to their own preferences. Applicable to smartphones and DAPs機和 DAP。

■New Driver Module M22”

M2 NUARL DRIVER is a new concept of second-generation modular structure, which physically integrates the headphone housing with the driver to make it a compression driver by reducing the influence of the channel area and diaphragm area to obtain even at small amplitudes High sound pressure and energy efficiency is high enough to ensure minimal impact on music reproduction when noise canceling even in small true wireless earphones where physical acoustic design is difficult; PDE also has high playback performance EQ tuning does not occur The situation of broken sound會出現破音的情況。

■LCP 10mm driver with Hi-Res Wireless certification

The driver diaphragm adopts the first LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer Film) in NUARL history, which can reproduce the frequency bandwidth up to 40KHz in line with Hi-Res wireless certification, and at the same time suppress the inherent squeak of the material to make the sound more pure加純淨。

■Noise reduction without pressure

Equipped with Hybrid active noise canceling combined with Feedforward & Feedback, the unique structure effectively releases the air pressure in the ear canal to achieve a non-compressive noise canceling effect. Users can also use the NUARL Connect APP to change the noise canceling mode and adjust the level of noise canceling節降噪的級別。

■Customizable ambient sound function

Equipped with an ambient sound function (transparency mode) that can be activated by simply touching the earphones. Users can also turn on/off the ambient sound mode and adjust the degree of transparency through the NUARL Connect APP整通透程度。

■AIVCTMAI call noise reduction technology eliminates environmental noise other than the speaker's voice音

Adopting intelliGO's AIVCTM AI call noise reduction technology, it is the only company in the world that can provide comprehensive services from algorithm development to IC design/manufacturing. AIVCTMAI can not only detect voice and cancel all environmental noise, but also provide crystal sound in noisy environments. Clear voice quality minus the surrounding noise beyond the caller's voice的周圍噪音。

■Support HD LDAC decoding

Support high-resolution wireless codec LDAC, you can enjoy the highest quality sound with compatible devices Even if you use the best effort mode outdoors or in noisy and crowded places, the bit rate will be automatically controlled according to the surrounding signal conditions to ensure stable music playback. no sound interruption出現聲音中斷。

■Equipped with low latency mode

Equipped with a low-latency game mode that can be switched through the NUARL app, no matter what device you use, such as a PC or game console, you can enjoy low-latency wireless communication遲的無線通信。

■Hearing Safety Protection

The NUARL development team set the maximum volume from the perspective of HBSE (Hazard-based safety engineering) to prevent hearing damage caused by excessive volume損傷。

■Up to 7.5 hours of playback*4

7.5 hours of continuous use with earbuds alone (ANC OFF) Up to 20 hours or more for music playback with charging case; up to 6 hours of continuous playback even with ANC ON 小時。

■lightweight and comfortable

The unique shape of the earpiece reduces the pressure on the earphones and optimizes the wearing balance. The earphones are very light and comfortable for long-term wear.間配戴。

■Dedicated App APP NUARL Connectt”

Dedicated NUARL Connect is available for iOS and Android devices, users can adjust their own sound settings according to personal preferences設置。

■Japan BATTLES DESIGN product designer Akihiro Momozaki served as the main product designer計師

The top cover of the earphones is composed of complex cubic curves, which not only change the color tone with the reflection of light, but also make it easier to feel the position of the earphones when touching them.位置。

Product Information

  • Dimensions Headphones: W26 x H16 x D24 mm / Charging case: W72 x H30 x D47 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 5g (single earphone) / Charging case: Approx. 40g Driver unit: φ10mm LCP diaphragm M2 NUARL DRIVERER”
  • Continuous play time (maximum)
    About 7.5 hours (SBC/AAC)/5.5 hours (LDAC) --- ANC OFF
    Approx. 6.0 hours (SBC/AAC)/5.0 hours (LDAC*6) --- ANC ON
    Maximum play time: 20 hours (with charging case) Charging time earphones: about 1.5 hours
    Charging case: about 1.5 hours (USB charging) about 2.0 hours (wireless charging))
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3/Class 2/multi pairing multi pairing Supported codec: LDACAACSBCBC
  • Audio transmission standard: A2DP HFP HSP AVRCPRCP
  • Microphones: x2 for calls (FF ANC/Ambient Sound) x 1 for FB ANC Waterproof: IPX44
  • Accessories: charging case, charging cable, ear support Block Ear+7 antibacterial silicone earplugs (S/MS/M/L) x 2 eachach
  • Warranty period: 1 year