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Nuarl N6 mini 2 SE True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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【A special model with a leap in sound quality】
“The N6 mini has received rave reviews for its small and stylish design, high water resistance, simple and handy operation. Based on the N6 mini, the N6 MINI2-SE has improved the sound quality to a higher level. The SoC has also been upgraded to Qualcomm QCC3040 to bring you higher functions. And a higher level of hearing enjoyment. The most important speaker for sound quality is equipped with carbon nanotube NUARL DRIVER[N6] v5 used by N6 Pro. In addition, it uses the patented technology HDSS of T.B.I. Company of the United States to suppress distortion and reproduce the sense of presence in ear canal earphones. Common intra-head positioning issues Reproduce sound thickness and stereoscopic effects頭內定位问题,再現聲音的厚度和立體效果。

Small and exquisite but strong
Up to 8 hours of battery life on earbuds alone Up to 32 hours of music playback with the charging case The charging case is small enough to hold in your hand and not only charges the earbuds up to 3 times thanks to the strong aluminum and magnetic locking construction Prevents earphones from popping out or being damaged if dropped彈出或損壞。

small but powerful
Touch buttons support music playback volume adjustment on smartphones, incoming call answering, and voice input operations such as Siri/GA. It is also equipped with an ambient sound function that allows you to hear the surrounding sounds while wearing headphones. Equipped with dual cVcClear Voice Capture microphones can Improve the sound quality during calls. It is also very suitable for remote office, such as teleconferencing, etc. No matter what device is used, left and right independent communication can be realized. Even if you change the headset when using one side, the call will not be interrupted.使用一側時更換耳機,通話也不會中斷。

comfortable to wear
Comes with Block Ear + silicone earplugs, which are comfortable to wear and have sound insulation effect. The waterproof level of N6MINI2-SE is up to IPX7. Even if it gets dirty by rain or sweat, it can be washed with water directly. Do not use the charging case in an environment where the earphones are soaked in the shower, swimming pool, etc. The charging case is not waterproof環境中使用。充電盒不防水。

Low Latency Game Mode
Equipped with exclusive game mode Enjoy low-latency wireless communication when playing games and watching videos no matter what operating system you are using Connect your device codec暢享低延遲無線通信。

6mm single-wall carbon nanotube diaphragm Omni-directional dynamic fixed speaker NUARL DRIVER IN6]v5v5

Frequency response
20 ~ 70000Hz

bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.2 / Class22

bluetooth protocol

audio coding
AAC/SBC / aptX

play time
Approx. 8 hours SBC/AAC Approx. 5.5 hours 小時aptx )
With the charging box, it can be used up to about 32 hours

charging time
about 1.5 hours

Call microphone x2 ( cVc NC ) / External sound dual use

waterproof level

Headphones [W] 25.5 x [H] 17.0 x [D] 22.6 mmm
charging box:[W]62.0 x [H]33.5 x [D]26.5mm

Headphones 44.5g
charging box36g