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MUSE HIFI POWER Flat Unit In-Ear Headphones

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Brand new MUSE HIFII」
「The first product POWER independently developed and designed by MUSE HIFI has created a new era of flat-panel unit headphones and has a number of technical patents技術專利。🛠
The panel adopts the multiple combination of hand-painted CNC 3D printing to have a good experience when loading體驗✍️
The unit uses a 14.5mm nano-scale flat diaphragm unit with exclusive acoustic correction technology to give full play to the performance of the diaphragm揮💪
The exclusive multi-space pressure relief technology can improve the compliance performance of the unit, and the sound is further clear and transparent透明😍
The brand has also cooperated with a well-known domestic 3D printing company to develop a condensed crystal process, so that the internal structure and the ear shell can be displayed separately to break through the traditional technology and improve the strength and toughness.強韌度💎
With the machine wire, we directly use 6N high-purity single crystal copper single crystal copper silver-plated coaxial Litz shielded wire at the cost, and the sound is clearer and fuller澈飽滿🎧
.14.5mm Nanoscale Flat Diaphragm Unit
.Hand-painted metal CNC 3D printing cavity腔體
.Breakthrough flat unit design for in-ear comfort驗
.Coaxial structure high purity single crystal copper wire
.A number of exclusive technologies take the sound of headphones to the next level